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‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ NFT buyer has decided to leave the original on YouTube

Earlier this week, a non-stop signal (NFT) of the YouTube video for “Charlie Bit My Finger” sold for $ 761,000. Following the sale, it seems initially that the original will be missing on YouTube to be “remembered on the blockchain,” but this will not be the case.

“After the sale we contacted the buyer, who was determined to keep the video on YouTube,” Howard Davies-Carr, the father of two brothers who appeared in the video, said in an interview with Khwatsi. “The consumer sees the film as an integral part of popular culture and should not be taken lightly. It will now be on YouTube for people to continue to enjoy and be remembered as NFT on the blockchain. “

Davies-Carr goes on to sell this his family has offered to remove the copy to raise the sale price. “After 14 years on YouTube through its many visits, we have heard that NFTs are breathing new life into this online history,” he said. The family plans to use the market to pay for their university education for their two children. It will also give a portion of the money to Carbon-powered organizations.

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