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Central Americans fleeing starvation, food shortages: Harris | Migration Issues

Deputy President Kamala Harris says the US is planning to provide agricultural assistance, disaster relief assistance to combat migration.

Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris has reiterated the promise of Biden officials to address the “causes” of migration to Central America, saying families are leaving the area because of famine.

In an interview with CNN on the State of the Union program Sunday morning, Harris said many people do not want to leave their home but have little hope that things will change between the financial and social crisis.

“We have to give people hope, that if they stay, help is on the way,” Harris said.

He said Biden’s management wanted to strengthen US support for farmers and agricultural programs in Central America, as well as provide emergency assistance to countries still struggling to rebuild. Strong winds destroyed the region last fall (autumn).

“It is a difficult subject. That would have been easier, if it had been a few years ago, ”said Harris.

“They are very hungry there and they have no food … If parents and children can’t really eat – if they don’t have the basic necessities of life – everyone has run away. And that’s what we see.”

United States President Joe Biden – who has vowed to take a more radical approach to migration than his predecessor, Donald Trump – last month called Harris to lead his efforts stopping the influx of immigrants to the US-Mexico border.

US border officials arrested more than 172,000 immigrants and asylum seekers on the southern border with Mexico in March – a 71% increase from last month.

At least half of those people were deported Trump’s era, a healthy public approach which effectively sealed borders for refugees due to the coronavirus epidemic.

US immigration agents have asked Biden to repeal the law, dubbed Chapter 42, between violence and threats to those seeking salvation in Mexico.

Harris is expected to meet on May 7 with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and other Mexican government officials.

They are also due to travel to Mexico and Guatemala to discuss migration, but no date has been released.

“We’re planning to get there,” Harris told CNN on Sunday. “I can’t get up early enough.”

Lopez Obrador this month He said drafted a petition for Biden’s management to promote Mexican agriculture in Central America in order to combat migration.

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard says US and Mexican officials will discuss expanding the program – called Sembrando Vida – at a May 7 meeting with Harris.

“It’s going to be a good and positive discussion,” Ebrard said he wrote Friday.

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