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Cathay Pacific reduces long-haul flights while privacy laws are in place

Cathay Pacific has suspended all cargo flights for a week in Hong Kong after suspending airline bans for airline crews, prompting the pilot to warn of “serious disruption” of important goods in the city.

“Cathay Pacific Cargo will suspend long-haul flights and cargo only for seven days, until January 6,” the plane said Friday.

The ruling will affect flights to the transpacific, European, South-West Pacific, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the carrier added.

Cathay also said “it will change drastically” and will ban more flights in the first quarter of next year because “Skeleton” process in January.

The move came just days after Hong Kong officials added extra bans for airline crews due to the Omicron brand’s appearance. The city already had some of the most difficult epidemics in the world under a The “zero-Covid” method.,

Employees of the cargo plane who were not allowed to be secreted upon arrival should now be kept for seven days in a hotel, according to a submission of Cathay pilots on Thursday seen by the Financial Times.

Local health officials have already announced that workers should be kept separate for three days. The Transport and Housing Bureau in Hong Kong did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Cathay pilots have already suffered from city restrictions, with some describing Covid’s operations in the city as “”eternal solitude”.

Andy Wong, Cathay’s chief operating officer, said operational and travel restrictions continue to “prevent us from flying as planned” and the carrier includes flights and cargo holders early in 2022.

Cathay’s figures for November, before Omicron’s release, showed that shipping had dropped by 24% compared to the previous plague. The number of passengers has dropped by more than 90 percent compared with the same period in 2019.

“We are concerned that any further restrictions on air traffic control systems could reduce air traffic to protect the health of our employees and overall safety,” Wong said.

He added: “Doing so could lead to short-term disruption of the supply chain, jeopardize access to basic necessities, disrupt the lives of thousands of people in Hong Kong and reduce. Hong Kong International Airport as the most advanced cargo port . ”

Aviation experts say they are concerned that Covid’s strict rules in Hong Kong are at risk of disrupting the city as a global airports and operational center.

Last month, a shipping team from the US FedEx has been moved to close its staff in Hong Kong and relocate workers across the country. Airlines such as Finnair, Qatar Airways and Turkey Airlines have been banned from flying over several roads into the city after charges were leveled against passers-by.

Hong Kong has filed 81 Omicron cases since Thursday, and health experts have warned that the section could soon spread after two cases are found. The lawsuit is believed to have been compiled by a member of Cathay Airlines.

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