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Capsule Second Found Under Robert Photo by Robert E. Lee

Workers find a box believed to be a 1887 capsule placed under a statue of Confederate Gen.  Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Va., Dec.  27, 2021.

Workers find a box believed to be a 1887 capsule placed under a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Va., Dec. 27, 2021.
Picture: Eva Russo / Richmond Times-Dispatch (AP)

Workers demolishing a statue of Robert E. Lee from Virginia here found a second capsule on Monday, bringing hope that the 1887 box could have some fun. The discovery comes after a different time the capsule was opened at the site last week but they were filled with nothing but boring documents and soggy envelopes, of grief common occurrence for the most part caps were opened here in the 21st century.

A statue of Robert E. Lee, a Confederate official and a fraudster in the United States, was removed in September and staff have been demolishing the site, including a treadmill where rumors have been circulating. Officials now believe the second capsule will be available on Monday and will have an impressive track record, according to Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The current capsule will open at 1:00 pm ET, according to Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam. The Governor’s office says a live video will be released, but it is unclear where people will see the event.

What might it be inside this unusual capsule? Historians believe there may be at least 60 items from the Confederacy, including the missing statue of President Abraham Lincoln who was assassinated in his coffin. Why did a group of Confederate losers put a picture of Lincoln in his box inside a capsule for a while honoring Lee? Because they were celebrating the wrong intentions of the Confederacy, especially slavery.

From Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Historians have described the writings as Confederate publications. The picture of Lincoln in his box was another way for the South not to look at the Alliance and to perpetuate the idea of ​​the Lost Cause, said Dale Brumfield, a writer and historian who studied the history of the capsule.

The only true portrait of Lincoln after his death, Brumfield wrote in a 2017 Richmond Magazine article. It was taken in 1865 in New York by Jeremiah Gurney while Lincoln’s body was on its way to be buried.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch published a list of possible items in the time capsule that were discovered in a newspaper article from 1887, when the capsule was first interred, plus:

  • A photo of Abraham Lincoln lying in his box provided by Pattie Leake;
  • History of the Monumental Church presented by George Fisher;
  • Collecting Confederate buttons from Cyrus Bossieux;
  • Carlton McCarthy’s pamphlet “Detailed Minutiae of Soldier Life in the Army of Northern Virginia” by JW Randolph & English publishers;
  • Richmond reference with city map and Virginia map;
  • Three bullets, a piece of ammunition and a Minié ball mounted on a pole from Fredericksburg Military Court, donated by Frank Brown;
  • Bible from Thomas J. Starke;
  • Richmond city statistics from JB Halyburton;
  • The war flag is a square and a compass made from a tree above the tomb of Confederate Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson from JW Talley;
  • $ 100,000 Confederate mortgage from John F. Mayer;
  • English edition from 1812 from WT Moseley;
  • Oct. 26, 1887 edition of The Richmond Dispatch.

Time-wasting pursuits tend to irritate people in the future for two reasons: 1) The ancients often speculate that we will find a list of prominent businessmen and politicians, multinational funds, and countless Bibles. And 2) Burying something in the ground is one of the worst ways to preserve something in history. As a result, they are often a a lot of confusion because water usually seeps into every used box, no matter how carefully sealed.

A caption entitled Capsule Frequently Found Under the Statue of Robert E. Lee, Raising Hope Can Be Fun

Picture: Eva Russo / Richmond Times-Dispatch (AP)

But there is a possibility that this time the capsule may not be the “correct” one either. The dimensions are still slightly different from the size of the capsule reported in a newspaper article from 1887, which stated 14 in. and 14 in. The dimensions of the brass box found on Monday were 13.5 and 13.5 and 7.5 inches and were not what was described in this article.

Whatever happens at today’s opening ceremony of the capsule, Robert E. Lee is dead and his modern followers are shedding tears over the removal of his statue. Former President Donald Trump, as one example, complained about removal of the image.

Confederacy is dead. Get rid of it, the lost.

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