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Canon’s EOS R5C is an integrated video camera with 8K video and 45-megapixel video monitors

Canon has unveiled the EOS R5C, a new member of its video camera line that seems to be a good choice for photos, too. They are very similar Canon EOS R5 camera without glass, but with a large hump on the back to match the cool way of working. As such, it offers many advantages of the EOS R5 without any problem heating up to 8K shooting or high quality 4K video.

On the video side, the EOS R5C can shoot 8K up to 60fps in Canon’s 12-bit RAW LT using its wide sensor, a large step from 8K 30p RAW available at R5. Best of all, it can work there “forever,” while the R5 only lasts 20 minutes at 8K 30p because of the complexity. It can also handle RAW 5.9K / 60p with Super 35mm seeds, 2.9K / 120p with Super 16 seeds, and 4K to 120 fps without seeds and all possible AF.

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It also supports ProRes RAW output of external audio via HDMI port to 8K / 30P. “Proxy data can also be simultaneously captured on an SD card in-camera, helping to provide post-production functions,” Canon said. Unfortunately, it uses a smaller HDMI instead of a larger port – not suitable for a dedicated video camera.

Unlike the R5, however, the R5C has no physical stability – so minimizing any photo or video vibration is only achieved through assisted glasses. However, the stability of the light mirrors can work in conjunction with Canon’s electrical stability, with a 1.1x image resolution.


There are other known limitations. Because the EOS R5C uses the same LP-E6NH batteries as the R5, it does not have enough power to use lens mount in other video formats (8K and 5.9K above 30p and 2.9K Super 16 above 60fps). This means you lose autofocus on the battery settings only, though you can get it back using external power from Canon’s PD-E1 USB power supply or its new DC coupler.

On the recording side, a full 45-megapixel sensor is a good combination, as is the speed of 20 fps shooting in closed-loop (12 fps with mechanical lock). It uses Canon’s Dual Pixel autofocus system on all screens and cameras, as well as face / face recognition and head tracking, which is why it should offer the best AF performance as R5. When you turn the camera into a landscape, all the menus and buttons change instantly.

It comes with a 3.2-inch variable-angle-angle flip out LCD monitor with 5.76 million-dot viewfinder, similar to the EOS R5. When you get the Canon Log 3 switch, the advanced Log 2 feature found on other Canon video cameras is not available. These include dual card slots (one CFexpress and one SD UHS-II), animal-eye recognition (cats, dogs, or birds), vehicle recognition, microphone footwear and more, a timecode storage space for multiple cameras and more. . DC coupler to provide continuous power.

The EOS R5C will arrive in March at $ 4,499, $ 600 more than R5. It is a very interesting model because it can do more than Canon video cameras at a lower cost and a lower starting point. At the same time, it can be a great relief for photographers / video shooters if they want to buy Sony. $ 6,500 A1 blended.

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