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Can you make a Star Wars story without Jedi?


Minor damage in the first phase of Evil Group ahead.

Years ago, I asked this question on Facebook after seeing the first part of The rebels: Can you do a Star Wars story without Jedi? It infuriated me when a show that was supposed to be about the Revolutionary Alliance ended a shoe in a Jedi state, making him the Master of our powerful commander, Ezra Bridger. I have a few answers that said, “No, Jedi is one part of the franchise, not Star Wars without Jedi.” However, over the years, we have seen Cruel and Solo, and now a new show, Evil Group, another Jedi-less Star Wars experimental test.

The reason for this is technicality here: The exhibition opens with the encouragement of Order 66, while the newly elected Emperor Palpatine orders the Republican army to destroy any Jedi he sees. This was first shown in the Revenge of the Sith, but he found a new gravity right there Clone War a graphic design, as the clones were highly portrayed and given a different personality. They became human instead of backward; people who have felt the urge to care about things J including the Jedi.

This could have been one of the strengths of Clone War the show, as a result of the painting erased things that didn’t have time on the screen, such as Obi-Wan’s relationship with Anakin. The development of this behavior combined with clones brought new fears Revenge of the Sith, which hurts a lot if you know the past. (Without it it remains an unofficial video, though I like it.)

But we have never seen such a form after Order 66. They joined the Jedi during the Cold War, and now their internal programs tell them to kill their fellows. Right The rebels showed us who were former soldiers, had been “suspended” and therefore not affected by the order. Evil Group with the story of the five “untidy rocks” that were at the bottom, they saw their Jedi counterparts being killed … and then they were confused afterwards.

Photo by Lucasfilm Ltd.

In the past when the inauguration focused on the lives of soldiers, Clone Force 99 returned to Kamino and now has to deal with the aftermath of Palpatine’s demise in the Republic. If you’ve ever wondered how things changed during that time, this is best seen in the transition from Republic to Empire, and how ordinary citizens feel. But, despite its significant exploration in the history of Star Wars, no Jedi can be seen beyond the scope of its origins. So what makes the Star Wars story?

Although the Jedi is the most recognizable in nature, and saga movies revolve around the Jedi family, one of the most unique aspects of the Star Wars universe is always the most iconic in the world. An easy-to-find hunter in a bar, or a respected senator? It has names and notes on the back. These old records are filled not only in the window, but also in movies, novels and jokes.


Photo by Lucasfilm Ltd.

Of course, it is true that because of his detail he was selling a product: it is easier to sell something if the person has a name. But it was cooked in the franchise almost from the beginning, which is why I argue that it is Star Wars’ DNA as a Jedi. There are so many exciting ideas spread throughout the universe, and much of Star Wars media is looking forward to showing you how. Although Evil Group they get into the ship, and some of their favorite people appear and mention some of the things mentioned Clone War. The show also starts with the same old words that describe what happened in the last season of Clone War and sections of Revenge of the Sith to us.

In the meantime, maybe it’s good to say this Evil Group really just another season of Clone War, one that takes a solid step across the Jedi and explores other aspects of the universe. Great man of Destroyer it may not be a Jedi, but in the end the show remains a Jedi. By naming the show Evil Group, it seems that interest remains strong on clones. It will still have a lot of blasters as well as star fighters and crazy visitors. And, in particular, it will tell us what was going on when the Jedi was declining. The latter makes it a part of the Star Wars universe, even if it has power.

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