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Business smells the opportunity to use Covid sniffer dogs in the UK

Schools, hospitals and businesses in Britain see the use of Covid dogs as a new way to detect the virus along with common testing methods.

A Education in the UK published in May this year by the study body found that dogs have a better track record of Covid-19 availability in humans than post-test tests, with accuracy that is not far from the “gold” PCR test.

Interest from organizations around the world as specially trained dogs can be sent to identify Covid at night entrances, pubs, meetings, schools, hospitals and growing airports.

Amazon Studios, a US-based production and distribution company, has recently used well-trained dogs to show off their performances with more than 200 co-workers in the London film industry.

In the fall, the British government held talks with the Covid sniffer at the COP26 season meeting to see the thousands of daily visitors to Glasgow.

In the end, the ministers decided to refuse to move forward because of concerns about “cultural impact” on animals among delegates from nearly 200 countries.

Some countries have been testing Covid sniffer dogs. Last year Helsinki Airport drove the pilot, and soon, the police entered Dubai trained 38 smelly dogs to detect the virus, according to Reuters.

Prof James Logan: ‘Two dogs can watch an entire flight of more than 300 people as it descends in just 30 minutes’ © Joe Giddens / PA

James Logan, a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, who conducted the research in collaboration with the Medical Detection Dogs and Durham University, said that cancer and various diseases have a “smelly signature”, which can be identified by gun types. such as Labradors and cocker spaniels.

“We’re not saying dogs can change LFTs and PCRs but sometimes they can be a complementary tool,” he said. “Two dogs can watch the entire flight of more than 300 people as it descends in just 30 minutes.”

Claire Guest, chief of Medical Detection Dogs, said: “Many individuals and organizations are interested. We have been given the best opportunity in Britain UK[with]. . . the final section [trials] in the workplace. . . NHS colleagues, there is interest from the school. ”

Covid-19 has a “very special odor”, which means that animals are easy to identify even in a group of people.

“They can do this very quickly, and I can smell 0.5 minutes to find out if someone has Covid,” he said.

The study, sponsored by the health department, used six dogs to sniff 3,500 odor samples. The animals detected the presence of Sars-Cov-2 virus accurately between 82 and 94 percent.

This is less effective than a PCR test, which is 97 percent interesting, but much more effective than a speed test that, on average, detects. 72 percent of symptom cases, with 58 percent asymptomatic.

Unlike LFT, however, the dogs had a lot of false positives, where people are known to have Covid. But the authors of the report argued that forcing a minority to take PCR for confirmation was less disruptive than testing the whole group.

Clinical Dog Dogs exercise with Florin © Matthew Childs / Reuters

After conducting initial research at a controlled site, the organization is moving forward with live trials with 20 dogs.

“We have been in contact with a number of organizations for some time, including governments, not the UK, airports, airports and workplaces,” Logan said.

Amazon Studios used two dogs for several weeks, along with routine tests, during the recording People We Hate For Marriage.

“It worked well, we used them to test the artists who will be around the actors,” said Rich Gold, Covid’s manager at Amazon Studios, noting that using dogs is a more sustainable approach than importing. plastic test.

“We are running a business that you have to move every day to different places and if one person comes up with Covid, it can stop making a lot of money.

“Having dogs, is a quick, easy, easy way to try,” he added.

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