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BTS Season 2 movies on Ciri and New Witchers


Freya Allan as Ciri on the second season of Netflix The Witcher.

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The second season of Netflix The Witcher brings many good things with it, from the growing relationship between Geralt (Henry Cavill) and Ciri (Freya Allan) for Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) are growing into her magical powers. For Geralt and Ciri in particular, most of their relationships were established by coaching him become a Witcher in Kaer Morhen, an important literary center and Geralt’s childhood home.

Netflix has released a list of videos to the development of The Witcher Sophomore season, and the two mainly focus on the remaining Witchers and Ciri. After the first season due to the threat, Allan was happy for Ciri to “run what he wanted,” and eventually get involved.

Allan says: “It is very difficult to get up against the sword. “So I had to do a little training.” When it came time for him to do some amazing things, actor Lauren Schmidt Hissrich was very appreciative of Allan’s dedication, especially when it came to Kaer Morhen’s struggles. “He wouldn’t have liked it so much … Seeing Freya shake so often was shocking and terrifying.”

Even Ciri wants to follow in the footsteps of her biological father, Witcher isn’t the only one he’s hanging out with all this time. Below, the second video shows the other Witchers: Eskel (Basil Eidenbenz), Coen (Yasen Atour), and Lambert (Paul Bullion). All three are favorites in books and games, but all are highly valued by Kim Bodnia’s Vesemir, Geralt’s father. who starred in the movie prequel Dangerous Dreams of Wolves. Vesemir has been leading the rest of the Witchers since the film’s inception, and Allan says that over the course of the season, Ciri is as respectful as Geralt.

Every winter, the rest of the Witchers travel to Kaer Morhen because that is where they “feel as stable as a family,” as Paul Billion, a Lambert singer,. The shortcomings of their teams only make their relationships stronger, which you can see throughout the season as they help train Ciri and fight monsters together. “It affects the family and explores what family means,” Bullion said. “That’s what the Witchers represent.”

Family unity is something that fans have been wanting to see in the show for a while, but this new season has thrown a twisted ball that not everyone is happy with, and has left fans looking for answers..

Photo courtesy of The Witcher's Cast Talks Ciri with New Witchers Who Helps Her Grow Up

When Geralt and Ciri arrive at Kaer Morhen in the second round, the reunion is getting worse as it is revealed that Eskel was diagnosed with leshen while on the hunt. Hit’s just killed by Geralt, something that does not happen in books. Speaking on the show podcast on YouTube, Schmidt Hissrich discussed the nature of Eskel’s tragedy. He knew how he wanted to kill someone all the time, and it was important to make sure it matched Ciri. Regardless of who died, that death had to be forcing Geralt and other Witchers to recognize his presence here could change things.

Originally, that death would be for a new person whom he named “John.” But that death would not be significant, so it wwas transformed into an Eskel to influence Geralt and encourage him to teach Ciri truthfully. “I know there are fans who love Eskel and feel like, why should we do that? … But honestly, her death is what changed everything for Geralt.” One of the assassinations of Eskel and many Witchers was also promoting the idea of ​​Witchers being caught in a ever-changing world. “Most of the time for the second season is, ‘Is the Witcher’s relationship over?’ … We really should have killed others.”

Despite the turmoil in the organization, Schmidt Hissrich believes that Vesemir still has hope for the future. “There is this story in Vesemir, he is the Witcher’s history supervisor … As Ciri and Vesemir walk through Kaer Morhen’s lab, we hear him recounting the deaths of the Witchers, and all of a sudden he thinks Ciri could be their savior. It’s such a hope. which is very important to Vesemir. ”

The Witcher the second season has now come out on Netflix.


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