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BTS broke its YouTube profile by watching 24 hours

BTS seems determined to hold on YouTube post. Variety reports that the K-pop group broke its record on the most popular YouTube show in 24 hours, playing 113 million on its “Butter” videos. About 12 million more than 101.1 million from the last superstars, “Dynamite,” launched in August last year.

The new song also made its first YouTube video with 3.9 million viewers at the same time. The artist had over 136 million games to write this.

It is not surprising that BTS will once again keep the record. The group’s followers, known as the Soldiers, are well-known for their dedication – it was guaranteed that they would appear together at the beginning and with the outcome. The amount of hype released by the upcoming Billboard Music Awards also helped.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. It shows that YouTube still has room for growth even as popular trends (such as K-pop frenzies) emerge. You may not be able to see the mountain of work for a while.

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