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Breakthroughs from Volkswagen retailers could affect up to 3.3 million customers

Volkswagen has it revealed The information of 3.3 million customers and prospective buyers was revealed after the supplier left the surprise online, Products they say. The maker of the machine gained a lot in sales and advertising and much of the information included names, addresses, emails and phone numbers. However, about 90,000 potential creditors in the US and Canada also had sensitive information disclosed including driver’s license numbers and in less time, date of birth and security numbers.

The machine wrote in a letter that an unnamed customer used by VW, Audi and authorized dealers had left customer information from 2014-2019 disclosed between August 2019 and May 2021. However, it did not say whether the information was used by fraudsters. “We have also informed the relevant authorities, including law enforcement and regulators, and we are working with external cyber security experts and vendors to monitor and respond to this,” the Prophet told Products.

Driver’s license and security numbers can be useful for hackers, especially if they are combined with addresses, phone numbers and more. After breaking the most recent insurance client, Geico said It is believed that fraudsters can use driver’s license numbers to register unemployment benefits. In a letter, VW said it had partnered with IDX to provide customers with free debt protection services, including audits, insurance repayments and information repayment services, “in the event of a breach.”

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