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Brazil erupts in protests after a court hearing authorizes Bolsonaro’s investigation


Thousands of Brazilians protested against President Jair Bolsonaro this weekend when a terrorist leader was forced into custody over possible risks with the Covid-19 vaccine.

The meetings, which were held in at least 13 major cities, came a day after the Supreme Court granted permission to investigate whether Bolsonaro had committed a “criminal offense,” dismissal of public service on the grounds of merit.

Bolsonaro is accused of doing nothing on suspicion of wrongdoing after a whistleblower at the Ministry of Health said he had told him personally about a R $ 1.6bn ($ 320m) deal to get 20m jabs of Covaxin made by Bharat Biotech of India.

The program of insulting came to light after Luis Ricardo Miranda, head of the Immigration Department, expressed his disapproval of invoices. A government official said he had been pressured by a government official to comply with the order.

Miranda and her brother, second in the federation, last month testified a conference inquiry to bring the matter to the attention of the Brazilian president, and to assure them that they would report the matter to the police. Federal police, however, say they have not received permission to investigate.

Officials have denied any involvement in the Covaxin deal, which involves a middle-class company, insisting that no money was paid because no bullets were fired. Bolsonaro and Bharat have already denied the side effects of Covaxin. The Ministry of Health suspended the agreement after the assistance of a government official.

With more than half a million lives lost to Covid-19 disease in the most populous country in Latin America, tensions have become a political issue in Bolsonaro’s administration. The return of protesters to the streets of Brazil’s major cities brings relief to the president before he prepares for next year’s elections.

Many have claimed that the clergy, who have mocked sweetness and disdain for the use of masks, have been negligent in tackling the plague.

“Many” speechless “opponents of the president are starting to hit the streets, led to the left but with the help of centrist voters. The wheels are turning against the president,” said Mario Marconini, Teneo chief in Brazil.

Politicians, however, are skeptical of the potential for investigation. Any violations that the President is required to call for should help two-thirds of the lower house of Congress to proceed, which is no doubt given the Bolsonaro coalition net and parliament.

“If the attorney general, nominated by Bolsonaro, thinks there is enough evidence to prosecute him, the Supreme Court will need to be approved by the lower house to proceed and spokesman Arthur Lira will not do anything,” said Eduardo Mello, a political scientist at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation. , demonstrating Bolsonaro and Lira’s alliance.

The cabinet of the left and right last week filed a new petition but in the meantime the prospect seems bleak. The leader of the lower house of Congress, Lira, who is due to approve the request, has so far not said he has any interest in filing charges.

“Bolsonaro still has a 25% chance of a vote and those who support him in parliament are in good standing,” said Lucas de Aragão, a partner with Arko Advice. This is bad news, but it is not dead. ”


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