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Boris Johnson’s party is accused of using fraud against rebel councilors

Boris Johnson’s party has been accused by the Conservative MP of trying to “insult” rebels who want to oust the Prime Minister, by threatening not to provide public funding to their constituencies.

William Wragg, chairman of the House of Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee, said: “Threatening a Member of Parliament is a serious matter” and advised his colleagues to file a complaint with the police.

His remarks reflect the growing frustration and distrust of the Conservative party, as Johnson’s audience tries to protect the Prime Minister from the risk of independent vote-rigging in Downing Street during the Covid closure.

Wragg, one of Tory’s seven lawmakers to urge Johnson to resign, said the party whips “threaten to undermine the funding provided by state-funded lawmakers”.

Speaking at a meeting of the select committee, he added that “the 10th personnel, special advisers, government ministers and others” were involved in the crackdown on terrorists.

He also said that he was “promoting the media,” in order to discredit those who are suspected of having no confidence in the Prime Minister. He said this was seen as “fraudulent”.

Downing Street said: “We do not know of any evidence to support the claim. If there was any evidence to support this claim we would have looked very carefully.”

Angela Rayner, vice president of Labor, said: “These are serious and alarming cases of cruelty, insults and misappropriation of public funds and should be investigated.”

One of the Conservative MPs, who was elected in 2019, confirmed that the whips had tried to prevent others from sending letters and rebelling against the Prime Minister through promises of government positions along with “bullying tactics”.

“Every whip has been broken,” added the MP.

Meanwhile, health secretary Sajid Javid acknowledged that closed parties on Downing Street “destroying our democracy”.

Javid said people should wait for the report Thanks Gray, a senior government official, in the parties before making final decisions. The report is expected to be released next week.

Johnson was convinced rest from the threat of imminent vote independent of his leadership, and many Tory rebels are now said to be awaiting a Gray report before deciding to strike.

Aides to the Prime Minister say he is expected to remove senior officials and advisers who joined the parties, which took place during Covid’s closure in England, as he tried to save his job.

But Javid told the BBC Thursday that the incident had worsened, highlighting the parties before the Downing Street crew arrived at Prince Philip’s funeral in April 2021 – an event that Johnson did not attend.

“Obviously things like this are undermining our democracy,” Javid said. He also said he was “awaiting punishment” for those involved.

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer and half of Tory lawmakers have said Johnson himself should take office and resign, but the conspiracy of lawmakers elected in 2019 to oust the prime minister failed Wednesday.

The revolt of Christian Wakeford, Tory MP of Bury South, to Labor led many of the Conservatives to align with their party and their leader who was a threat.

Conor Burns, Johnson’s minister and colleague, told the BBC Newsnight A program in which many of their colleagues stopped calling for a vote of no confidence in the prime minister – ideas that are kept secret and potentially terrorist.

Yet Johnson is still at risk in the short and medium term. He will first have to survive the Gray report, which is expected to strongly oppose party culture and drink in No. 10.

But the biggest danger for Johnson is that whatever Gray ends up with what the Prime Minister already knew “Bring your beer” in the field of 10 Downing Street in May 2020.

Dominic Cummings, Johnson’s former adviser, argued that Johnson had been warned in advance that he would violate the restraining order; Gray asked Cummings as part of his interview.

Since Johnson has denied in court that he had been warned about the party’s position, any idea he has lied to MPs could be very harmful. Johnson said “he fully believed” was a work experience.

One Conservative backbencher expert told the Financial Times that the publication of Sue Gray’s report should be very helpful. “A lot of people have already made up their minds and are just waiting for the report.”

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