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Boba Fett arrives at ‘Fortnite’ on December 24

Go, Mando. Now is the time for Boba Fett to run Fortnite. Epic Games will add a good hunter on December 24 during the 7PM ET. That’s last week Book of Boba Fett he makes his own Disney + first public appearance December 29. Epic did not say much about the crossover, but given the gaming experience that the studio shared, Fett Fennec Shand’s colleague will reappear. Whether it offers the skins of all the characters for players to buy, Epic hasn’t said yet, but it probably is a safe bet.

The announcement comes the same day Disney shared all of its Disney + Day stories. This includes an initial look Obi-Wan Kenobi and Baymax!, and the first twelve newcomers Awesome show coming to the opening conference in 2022 and beyond. Ahead of the first game a Book of Boba Fett, Star Wars fans can check out Under the Hat: Boba Fett Heritage. Articles describe the person’s history and are available for viewing on Disney + now.

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