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Blue Origin opposes SpaceX’s Artemis lander alliance from NASA


More than a week later, NASA released ElX Musk’s SpaceX a $ 2.9 billion in contract to make a moon sign that it is coming The work of Artemis Moon. In anticipation of SpaceX, NASA signed a defense contract with Dynetics and Blue Origin. The latter now opposes the election. At the presentation presented to the Federal Government Accountability Office (via New York Times), Jeff’s Bezos rocket company claims that NASA misrepresented the alliance to its ally.

“NASA has misappropriated funds from the Human Landing System program and relocated at the last minute. In NASA’s statement, they have made a” big “decision, the Blue Origin spokesman told Engadget.” and the threat of American return to the Moon. “

In terms of its programs, NASA has selected a number of contractors. It takes this approach to promoting competition and self-defense if the organization is not able to complete the project on time. So far, NASA has chosen SpaceX, Blue Origin and Dynetics when it arrives he gave for the first time contract for a month last month. “[NASA are] it is very good at finding, especially its leadership as a return to America above the moon. We have seen that these errors need to be corrected and corrected, “Bob Smith, CEO of Blue Origin, told New York Times. “We haven’t had a chance to review it and that’s not good.”

Citing SpaceX as a “high-risk” option, the idea he won on the deal included the use of his development Starship carrying experts to the Moon. So far, most of the company’s test planes have expired fire explosion. However, the company existed great success with all its Falcon 9 rocket Crew Dragon weapons, where the duo completed the major SpaceX events during NASA’s recent Crew-2 mission landed with the International Space Station.

In particular, Blue Origin is the second Bezos affiliate company to negotiate a deal with the US government. Last year, Amazon, citing comments from former President Donald Trump, criticized the loyalty of $ 10 billion for JEDI cloud sales Security Department (DoD) provided by Microsoft. After an internal audit, DoD was able to follow their hypothesis.

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