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Black Pain Will Not Stop Walking


What a file for the right picture? In particular, what is the picture of a dead black man? If you think about it, do you think the image of a seriously injured black man could go on, his body moving around on the road like a pool of blood- in Africa, maybe the pictures are not well known – the shape next to him?

Not sure? Feeling weird? According to members of the Academy of Motion Photo Arts and Sciences, that person – and the story of his death, not the story of his life – is the most important in Hollywood: the Oscar gold.

Unfortunately, James is not a real person. The actor and rapper Joey Badass, is the fictional writer of Two Remote Visitors, comedian and comedian Travon Free who won Best Live Action Short Film at Sunday’s ceremony on Sunday. James, unfortunately, and meant to be a sign. It is meant to represent the great inevitability of the male sex offender in America: the target of great fear.

The film uses creative techniques to create its own argument. Think Groundhog Day, but dangerous. James wasted no time, and what begins on the best day of his life turns out to be the worst – and ends. The real devastation of the plot is how it is carried out: In the sequel, James dies exactly 100 times in the hands of a white police officer. If being killed a hundred times feels extreme, if it sounds unreasonable, then — the obvious fear of a Black Man being shot by a police officer, the video shows, is a danger that black people will never wake up to.

Everywhere one looks, black people are being threatened and killed — tortured and walking down the street, he stopped and asked while driving. Through the still images of the camera-phone, we see them destroyed without a second thought. The manifestations of pain are a constant, sad recurrence of trauma that looks at the end of life, not what happened at the time. In recent years, camera cameras have become increasingly common in the world. But discernment and development come with challenges. For black people, the cost of caring for them is a constant reminder of our suffering. This miracle cannot be escaped, no matter how hard one tries. From reality to TV to TV, everything is destructive. It’s always. It will never end.

And so on traditional pop machines use it well, relying on images filled with some form of myopia. A recent example is They. The Amazon list, which focuses on the working black family that migrated to white Los Angeles in the early 1950’s, reaches a similar level Two Remote Visitors: Black people, and Black Life, are unnecessary. Tragedy is the only part we face in understanding the Emory family. They are brutally abused, but some dangers are hidden in their new environment, some more visible than others. They are surrounded by suffering, and hatred. They can’t escape it. That’s why they fled North Carolina and what a greeting to the sun, which looks like a paradise in Compton. The series also restores the vision that turns into a painful stomach and the absurd nature it is was received on television, a price tag that affects physical theft and physical condition.

Of all these They and Two Remote Visitors, bodies beaten. Repeatedly the bodies are beaten. Bodies are raped, bodies are burned, bodies are taken, bodies are killed. The bodies become vets of unimaginable vitriol, racist household. And in this way of black torture, on a difficult and simple sign, there is a danger of being a witness, in seeing constant persecution. In these cases, being black is suffering, alone and always.


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