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Bizarro Promotional Page Captured From Beginning

Fraudulent access pages are already at the peak of cybercriminal fraud. Hypocrisy has been made hundreds of Netflix and Disney + knocks in recent years. The BazaLoader team has also created fake poses, including imitation underwear seller. But BravoMovies is definitely moving forward.

“We have never seen this new page ever created,” says Sherrod DeGrippo, head of risk and intelligence research at Proofpoint. “This is the next phase of professional development.”

The information on the BravoMovies page does not always check, but it does provide a clear overview of trust in the business. The landing page boasts not only HD but “Full HD” and 4K streams. Its categories are well-known, even if they are not widely accepted. It announces major promotions such as downloads for offline viewing and integration with several devices (including, interference, Blu-ray players).

To create satisfying images, the attackers disrupted Behance’s social networking site, as well as the advertising company and the book How to Hide a Dog. The results look meaningless, but more honest than what you would find under the Netflix line.

Image: Proofpoint

To the extent that mistakes jump, well… they probably treat you. “We’ve seen fraudulent pages built into the free page of website builders and it looks like a child made, and that’s still a success,” says Hassold. “If someone gets to the point where they get to this page, the small mistakes that most people would see and raise a red flag probably won’t move the needle.”

The growth of the campaign is still unknown, as well as its main purpose. As a back room, BazaLoader acts as a malware repair site that comes after it. Think of it as the Bifröst bridge of Norse mythology, but offers a way to pay a ransom instead of oppressing the Viking gods. ProofPoint claims to have found nothing to pay for, but BazaLoader is closely linked to the team behind Trickbot’s popular malware program.

The complexity of the BravoMovies approach also has its drawbacks. While it is helpful to find ways to protect your email, it is easier to get people to click than to make phone calls. “Because it depends so much on personal communication – that is, someone who can pick up the phone and make a phone call – there is less chance of the recipient having a conversation with the bully,” said DeGrippo of ProofPoint. He also said that the BazaLoader team sends thousands of emails in a special, direct and indirect way to the industry.

However, their long-range placement and effort shows that despite the complexity of the plot, it must be working. There are some interesting plots out there. But the point is, perhaps, at the outset.

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