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Bill Gates claims that the investigation into the allegations is “incompatible” with Microsoft


Bill Gates has denied that Microsoft’s investigation into “intimate relations” with an employee two decades ago affected his decision to leave the software company last year.

Following the announcement two weeks ago that Bill and Melinda Gates had done so divorce After the 27-year marriage, US journalists also reported over the weekend how Bill is dealing with women working for Microsoft and the two agencies.

Microsoft in 2019 began to re-examine the “concerns” about the relationship between Gates, co-founder and former boss, and a company employee 20 years earlier.

“Microsoft received concerns by the end of 2019 that Bill Gates wanted to partner with a company employee in 2000,” Microsoft said in a statement on Monday. “The commission has investigated this, with the help of another law firm, for further investigation.”

The billionaire said in March 2020 that he would step down from Microsoft to give more time to charity but would “continue to do so” with their CEO Satya Nadella.

“There was a relationship almost 20 years ago that ended peacefully,” a Gates spokesman said in a statement. “Bill’s decision to resign was out of line with this issue. Instead, he had shown interest in spending more time in charitable giving a few years ago. ”

The program of Wall Street Journal spoke first with Microsoft’s research in this regard.

The program of New York Times he also said, after marrying in 1994, Gates made advancement for women at Microsoft and the Gates Foundation. The unnamed authors told NYT that several women were made “unhappy” by Gates ’methods but that they were not pressured.

A Gates spokesman said any allegations of “harassment of workers were false”.

For the past two decades, Melinda and Bill Gates have been the largest religious organizations in the world, having distributed $ 55bn since their inception in 2000.

The couple is investing $ 124bn in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which aims to promote health care and reduce poverty around the world.

The two will remain chairs connected to the foundation trustees. There are no changes to their services or organization.


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