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Bikepacking Basket Management (2021): Tent, Clothing, Design Packs, Food, Water

Computer Computer: Go to Wahoo Elemnt Bolt ($ 280 at Wahoo). Wahoo cycling computers are an excellent companion. A little bigger than a dental pack, it rises easily. The waterproof coating – and, thanks to its Gorilla Glass display, is a non-abrasive tool – it has a new, 64-color screen and an additional portable interface. Wahoo also upgraded the battery to provide a maximum of 15 hours and increased memory by 16GB, which means you can download as many maps as you can. When paired with the Wahoo Elemnt mobile app, riders can adjust their viewing, synchronize routes between computers, and monitor their progress.

Reaching Forward

It’s fun to go out sometimes and overnight at the hotel or in bed playing with friends, but it’s best to be prepared for the days when you’d like to sleep under the stars.

Make a Camp

Kershaw said: “The front tent against conflicts with noisy pets is permanent.” The move you can tie between two trees, and simple bivvies (very small living space) is easy because you don’t have to deal with trees, but Kershaw says you should consider a front-facing tent if you want a dry spot to read at night.

For the little ones, we love it Rab Ridge Raider Bivi ($ 375 from Rab), bivvy of one person steals any sleep – even in the pit if you have to. You have to push yourself inside, and that’s enough, but its Pertex shell gives you a dry, comfortable, safe place to sleep. With only one hoop on top and a micropole on your feet to get the morning dew out of your pocket, it takes less than five minutes to prepare. Weighing in at less than two pounds and carrying up to the size of a full-blown chipotle burrito, it is essential for those who want to be as simple as possible.

Those who want something of value should try NyanjaToSummit Telos TR2 ($ 499 at SeaToSummit). These two, three-season, two-door luggage doors have a special design; the central poles pointing to the outside, like the wings of a butterfly, so on top of it, the tent is wide enough for one person to stand upright. Weighing in at three pounds, 7 hours, it is just a nut, but with a bag of craftsmanship, the tent can be divided between two bicycles. With an area of ​​28 inches wide and a 19.5 square meter balcony, the weight of the foot is a model, especially if you need to lay it out and dry it after a long, rainy day.

That’s fine

When it comes to sleeping bags, Kershaw’s advice is to find a bag with a sleeping bag that carries and heats you. “Go as lightly as you would like,” says Kershaw. “There’s a lot of different temperatures here out there.” Some riders simply bring tarp and tie themselves like a burrito. If this is your first trip to bikepacking, we encourage you to grab a bag and a pad.

Kelty’s cosmic Ultra Down 20 sleeping bag ($ 200 and a ride to Kelty, $ 200 and up on Last year’s race to shave a few units of its own weight (now weighing 2.4 pounds for the male and 2.9 pounds for the female) and adding $ 40 to the price, but I see that additional comfort is worth the extra money.

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