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Biden’s first year: US president meets with media to protect history

Joe Biden met with reporters Wednesday afternoon at his first press conference a few months ago, as the US President seeks to sell his achievements and fight for a one-year low acceptance of the presidency.

Biden’s press conference at the White House is coming to commemorate the first day of its inauguration, during which it faces a number of challenges at home and abroad, including the coronavirus epidemic, rising consumer prices and ongoing risk. Russian violence in Ukraine.

A recent Gallup poll shows that 40 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s work, while 56 percent do not. That compares with 38 percent of Donald Trump’s one-year presidency, and 49 percent approval of Barack Obama at the same time in his presidency.

Democrats are worried that low interest rates could pose a threat to their party within this year, when the House of Representatives and Senate orders to be seized. Biden’s party currently controls all Congress chambers and is very small.

Biden began his presidency with the help of a large number of people, but his approval began to decline in the summer as U.S. troops withdrew from Afghanistan who tested the US alliance abroad and suspected many Americans.

Recently, the White House has struggled to make the most of its resources, with rising oil prices and history. rising prices. The most recent figures show that U.S. consumer prices rose sharply for nearly 40 years in December.

At the same time, Biden’s legal system came to a standstill on Capitol Hill, after President and Congress leaders failed to secure financial assistance. Do It Well Laws governing social security and the right to vote.

Opponents of Biden and the White House have failed to sell their achievements so far, including a $ 1.9tn Covid donation and a sweep. $ 1.2tn development package.

Biden held fewer press conferences compared to those who led him, according to the American Presidency Project at the University of California Santa Barbara. One year in his four years, he held nine press conferences, either alone or in conjunction with other world leaders, according to the UCSB. In comparison, Trump held 21 press conferences in his first year in office and Obama met with journalists 27 times.

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