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Biden’s first frustrating year in office

The year started off with great promise for Joe Biden. It is not that the Democratic Party has regained control of the Senate because of a sudden victory in Georgia’s two special elections but Biden’s leadership agreed to launch a vaccine. With such strikes he appeared to be able to draw a definite line under the “disruption” of outgoing President Donald Trump.

Biden ends 2021 with difficulty. His endorsement is the second lowest post-Trump election for every US president after his first year. Except for a big change, Democrats seem to have failed to govern of Capitol Hill in next year’s mid-term elections. Dealing with the growing population as a near-end can threaten the permanent destruction of its species. Biden campaigned for a non-Trump candidate. But Democrats can further define their 2020 status as a go-ahead. Now Trump is back in a state of shock and Democrats remain divided.

Although the newspaper contributed to the fundraising campaign, it is clear that Biden’s $ 1.9tn budget should have been smaller and better looking. It was an exacerbated post-emergence crisis in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, and has contributed to rising inflation today.

This is one reason why they do it The Federal Reserve is now gearing up to tighten its monetary policy in 2022, not next year as we had originally expected. It will also eliminate the purchase of items that occurred in March instead of June. The combination of these principles may be better than after 2008 but it is not ideal. The introduction of the Omicron brand means that the US is now facing a sharp rise in prices and economic downturns – not just the 1970s decline but the massive hit of middle-class books.

Biden also ends the year legal violation. He donated his money by donating what started as a $ 3tn “reconstruction” bill that included many of the basic necessities of parental leave, clean energy, child support and tax relief for homeowners in the Democratic Republic of the United States.

Some of these methods were delayed. America is still the only developed country that denies legitimate holiday for parents and patients, which is a shame. In contrast, tax relief for the state and local government was provided as an aid to middle class people but was actually a sop for the affluent. Either way, the Democrats failed to make a case for the bill that was hardly collected. Biden may have the opportunity to offer a smaller package in early 2022.

The legal year it was not a total destruction. The $ 1.2 tn construction will help rebuild American roads, ports, airports and tunnels. But there is no doubt that it will soon be heard to change what appears to be a threat to the Democratic Party.

The party is not helping itself by doubling the standard of civil liberties that seem to be designed to confuse middle-class people. Even Spanish voters are leaving. Recent polls show Republicans and Democrats running head-to-head in this number. Mentioning Hispanics as a “Latinx” by flapping the non-binary wings of a progressive group is an example. Only 2 percent of Hispanics approve of the use of the term.

If Democrats block Trump’s return in 2024, Biden will need to think more deeply about the party’s nature. Is it a luxury dress ready to rewrite American culture? Or so representing common middle classes of all races and religions? The following is what the average person dictates. This is what Biden campaigned for. He should return to the title that worked best in 2020 against Trump.

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