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Biden’s commitment to the United States outside of democracy was questioned

Shortly after becoming President, Joe Biden promised to reform the US foreign policy system “which would better integrate our democratic ideals with our negotiating leadership”.

It was another attempt to establish a line under the Trump administration, which undermined Washington’s international position, its support for human rights and alliances with democratically aligned parties. While Donald Trump’s “America First” policy included the arrival of independent leaders, Biden signaled that he would re-establish US ethical leadership in defending democracy around the world.

Biden’s commitment to a democratic policy at the forefront of US foreign policy is suspected of following Belarussian leader Alexander Lukashenko. actively seizing a work plane to carry an opponent.

Late on Friday, the US intervened to punish Minsk for their differences, saying it was joining the EU in formulating a series of protests against Lukashenko’s government and arranging for a solution.

But critics say the White House’s response to the violation of Biden’s human rights was delayed and questionable – coming a few days from Brussels – and the injury was exacerbated by a high-level meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“In Soviet and Russian culture, a meeting with the US president does nothing,” said Leon Aron, Russia’s director at the American Enterprise Institute, saying the conference gives Putin international assurance as he fights back home.

The chief executive acknowledged that the White House had been forced to meet its demands to re-establish the principles of global democracy and transparency, meaning that Biden’s human rights record was currently “not perfect.”

“Obviously there is a trade-off sometimes because of the need in the country in which we run the project,” the official told the Financial Times.

But the activist denied the allegations, saying Belarus was part of a development agenda that failed to uphold the principles of democracy abroad. China, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia “Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing.

Especially after Lukashenko’s power struggles, the Biden-Putin summit will be highlighted as a sign that the US President will continue his commitment to democracy.

Andrea Prasow of Human Rights Watch said it would be “disappointing” if Biden did not use the conference to send a strong humanitarian message, especially because of Russia’s repatriation threats to Ukraine and its support for anti-democracy leader Alexei Navalny, who is still in prison following allegations. Russian spies want to kill him.

While this happened again, as well as allowing whites to take the lead in Belarus for the hijacking of planes, Biden officials also lifted heavy sanctions on Belarus. Nord River 2, Putin’s Russian gas pipeline project, in order to avoid resentment in Germany.

Aron said acknowledging a meeting with Putin following his disregard for human rights at home and abroad was a major psychological problem, especially at a time when the Russian President was fighting a notorious war, economic stagnation and domestic protests against Navalny’s actions. “For them, the meeting is a testament to their respect and fear,” he said.

The new prime minister said Biden would hold “difficult” talks on human rights and democracy with Putin and did not see the conference as a compromise. But the official admitted that the ceremony could be held by a Russian “spin”.

“Obviously they will use what they can get based on home security,” Putin said.

Efforts to establish a direct approach to Russia have confirmed that Washington wants the Kremlin on a number of security measures, including US troops from Afghanistan, the development of weapons, the revival of Iran’s nuclear alliance and climate change.

Andrew Weiss, Russia’s former chief of staff for the National Security Council, said previous governments had faced similar challenges. In 2014, Obama’s administration tried to cut ties with Moscow after Russia invaded Ukraine, but the law “began to fade” during the Syrian crisis – in which Russia played a key role in supporting President Bashar el Assad – and was forced to join a coalition next year.

“Biden officials think they need to join the Kremlin,” Weiss said, adding that Belarus’s sanctions could be counterproductive and forced the government to move closer to Moscow.

In protest, Biden has also taken a stronger line than Barack Obama or Trump did in the beginning of their presidency, telling the interrogator that he sees Putin as a “murderer”, which led to the return of two US and Russian ambassadors. Biden met Putin in 2011 as vice president; He later recalled that he had told her he had done so there is no life.

Opponents, however, say Belarus’ response is part of the process, including Biden’s failure to establish Prince Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman following a US intelligence report to endorse the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

“Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of this trend is the perception that human rights abuses do not always affect the United States,” Prasow said, adding that Biden’s failure to stop Israel in its attack on Gaza this month shows that human rights appear to be “falling apart”. in favor of other so-called US interests “.

Biden began his career with a long history of human rights and democracy, sometimes at loggerheads with other “true” officials at the Obama White House when he was vice president.

But Jake Sullivan, Biden’s security adviser who also worked for Obama’s administration, told FT recently that Biden always sees US foreign policy underway. “The light that illuminated”, and a “naked” interest in helping middle-aged Americans who work together to fulfill their basic needs.

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