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Biden signed a new security safety document after closing the pipelines

Referring to the recent massacre including SolarWinds, Microsoft Exchange server hacks and current Colonial Pipeline, President Biden signed an administrative order today which focuses on “enhancing national security.” The strategies outlined should promote the sharing of information between organizations, establish guidelines for network security and improve response to violations and create an official “playbook” reviewed by the director of CISA.

According to a in short immediately released, it re-launches state-of-the-art software, and works with NIST to create a program to write “educating people about Internet-of-Things (IoT) security and software development programs” similar to existing Star Star characters on digital devices.

The impact of this law is not known without action and funding from Congress, but it sets out the priorities. According to NBC News, a government official told reporters that “it shows a dramatic change in our perceptions of what has happened to prevent prevention.” In a statement, Senator Mark Warner said “The bill is a good first step, but regulators can go so far.”

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