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Biden is urging officials to “further” the “Covid-19 origin research project.”

Joe Biden has asked U.S. law enforcement agencies to “intensify” their efforts to investigate the cause of the Covid-19 epidemic, amid new questions about what the Chinese laboratory did.

The U.S. president said Wednesday that he had asked his officials to submit their opinion within 90 days of the Sars-Cov-2 virus infecting the public.

Biden said in a statement: “As of today, the US judiciary has set up two cases, but has not received a clear answer to this question.

“I have now asked the legal team to intensify their efforts to analyze and analyze the information that could lead us to the final outcome and give me another 90 days.”

A team of scientists from the World Health Organization concluded last year that they were it is very unlikely The disease escaped from Wuhan’s lab, though the WHO later admitted that its research, which is sponsored by Beijing, left some questions unanswered.

Biden added that he had worked with his colleagues to pressure China to comply more with the international investigation into the cause of the epidemic.

Some in Trump’s administration said the virus began to infect people who participate in coronaviruses Wuhan School, China’s highest quality natural lab.

The Chinese government and the United States have both opposed the idea, and many scientists say that animal propagation is a myth.

But questions about the agency’s role resurfaced over the weekend after a report in the Wall Street Journal that U.S. law enforcement had terminated three WIV investigators became infected in November 2019, a month before the first case was filed.

Andy Slavitt, one of Biden’s epidemic advisers, on Tuesday reiterated that the US wants to better investigate other countries.

This question was encouraging Responding angrily from China, where state journalists described the lab as “a conspiracy by the US law enforcement agencies”.

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