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Biden is reversing Trump’s time laws banning WeChat and TikTok

Biden officials have lifted former President Donald Trump’s laws governing China’s TikTok and WeChat programs, and introduced a new law that would review Chinese programs and programs that would threaten American identity.

A law signed by President Joe Biden on Wednesday is the latest decision to end what Washington says is a security threat to China. He instructed his supervisors to set up a system to detect programs and programs from foreign enemies, including China, which threaten US national security.

The Act establishes a mechanism for “dynamic, evidence-based analysis” to assess the risks to which programs “were designed, produced, manufactured, or supplied by individuals who own or control, or controlled by an external enemy., In addition to.. China”.

This move is more than three rules from Trump’s ban on Americans using the shortcut TikTok program and the WeChat messaging platform. The ban was overturned as a result of the charges against them. Biden officials expect the new administration to adopt a more aggressive approach to cracking down on future restrictions.

The law also increases Trump’s tenure by directing the Department of Commerce to assess whether the health and social conditions of the American people are at risk of programs that US enemies have committed. Officials in Biden say China wants to “use the digital technologies and American knowledge in ways that expose the country’s unpredictable risks and strengthen its sovereignty and interests”.

The Biden government has recently taken a number of measures to reduce the country’s security threat from China. Last week, Biden signed a law that expanded to a certain level of Trump banning Americans sells 59 Chinese companies which is seen as a threat to US national security.

On Tuesday, officials announced the details of a sales monitoring its aim is to reduce the US reliance on China on a wide range of technologies and other factors such as land mines that are essential for the production of everything from electric vehicles and mobile phones to airplanes and direct arrows.

“When you think about the new organization and the financial situation since last week, managers are doing well from the months of reconsideration to the timing and implementation,” said Eric Sayers, a security expert at the American Enterprise Institute.

“The real success of this new security system will be welcomed by other countries struggling with how to integrate open systems with the most reliable form of security,” Sayers said.

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