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Biden has vowed to tell Putin ‘what the red lines are’ at negotiations in Geneva

US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin are meeting in Geneva on Wednesday for talks aimed at building a rapid end to bilateral relations.

At their first meeting, the leaders, presidents, will address the issues, grievances and lawsuits against each other, including their claims. Cyber ​​attacks in Russia and disrupt elections, Penalties in the US against the suspicions of Moscow and the Kremlin on the rise of Nato forces in eastern Europe.

Other evils in this relationship are arms control agreements, war in Ukraine and Moscow Arrest of the defendant Alexei Navalny, leaving a few to do with the deal.

Biden described Putin as “the right enemy” before his meeting and said he would explain to the Russian leader “what the red lines are”.

He also said Russia wants to run the transatlantic alliance and that the US is growing with the worst cyber attacks.

“I tell President Putin that there are areas in which we can agree, if they choose,” Biden said on Monday. “And if they choose to disagree and act the way they did in the past, cybersecurity and so on, we will respond. We will respond in the same way.”

The meeting is set to begin at 1pm in Geneva and can take up to five hours, with pauses and discussions between the two delegates, the Kremlin said Tuesday. The leaders meet in two ways: one with a small group including the US Secretary of State and the Russian Foreign Minister and the other at a general meeting.

Biden left for Geneva a week later in Europe assembly G7, EU and Nato allies. Responding to the threats posed by Russia is in talks with Western leaders. The US president said world leaders thanked him for hosting the conference, which was attended by some experts I protested such as giving Putin a unique victory.

Moscow has been keen to reduce hopes of talks. Researchers on both sides have suggested that by coincidence, the conference could be the next cold war between them.

Putin’s adviser, Yuri Ushakov, said the relationship between Moscow and Washington was “strained”. “I think both sides understand that it is time to address the growing problem,” he told Russian media.

Both the White House and the Kremlin will take part in military control, cyber security and climate change. earlier this year.

Kremlin officials said the talks would include the ability to exchange citizens who are in the prisons of their fellow human beings.

Ambassadors sent to both countries quit their jobs earlier in the year after several incidents in which Biden agreed with the interviewer that Putin was a “murderer”. All ambassadors are expected to return to their seats in Moscow and Washington following the meeting, according to three people familiar with the plans.

When he agreed to Russia’s request for a post-summit talks – which could mean dissolving ties – Biden would hold a private press conference instead of joining Putin.

In 2018, Donald Trump held talks with Putin when the US leader appeared to agree with his Russian counterpart over his intelligence.

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