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Biden has signed a memorandum of understanding to promote cyber security in the US


Joe Biden signed a third law Wednesday in order to strengthen security in the US, following several attacks including an attack on colonial pipelines exposing weaknesses in business and government.

“Recent cyber security trends. . . It is an interesting reminder that US and state-owned enterprises are facing cyber threats from voters in the country and cyber criminals, “the White House said.

Under the law, law enforcement agencies will be required to verify the records on their property and record everything within six months to make it difficult for hackers to access their IT equipment.

The law also requires IT providers who are contracting with the government to meet security requirements and notify them if their systems are violated. There will be a lot of time to report at a lower level depending on the severity of the incident, said the superintendent.

The pilot of a new astrological program on government-issued programs has been relaunched, so that supervisors and the general public can judge how safe it is.

Experiments come next SolarWinds hack, in which Russian terrorists stole American software to launch a spy campaign that attracted many businesses, including US financial institutions and Treasury.

Earlier this year, it became known that terrorists who had retreated to China also existed hosting Secret attacks on a number of purposes using the most recently discovered vulnerabilities in Microsoft applications.

The law comes in the wake of a cyber-terrorist attack on an East Coast colonial-run pipeline on May 7, which caused oil and gas shortages. 5,500 miles of pipeline resumed work Wednesday.

“These trends share common ground, including cybersecurity, which puts government agencies and financial institutions at risk,” said the White House.

In order to reduce public safety under the law, the law seeks to establish a “playbook” that public bodies are required to deal with in the event of a change, and to change prices and to share information after a breach of the law.

It also establishes a state-of-the-art committee, called the Cybersecurity Safety Review Board, which is responsible for investigating major incidents and suggesting that they be safe.

The agency, overseen by the National Transportation Safety Board which investigates aviation and land accidents, should be tasked with overseeing the theft of SolarWinds, the chief executive said.


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