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Biden has signed a law banning Huawei and ZTE from receiving FCC licenses

US President Joe Biden has signed the Secure Equipment Act, which prohibits companies such as Huawei and ZTE from receiving network licenses. The new rules mean that the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) will no longer consider applications for online weapons that could threaten national security, Reuters they say.

By this measure, the FCC will no longer be able to issue or review licenses for companies listed on the FCC’s “Covered Equipment or Services List.” It was voted on by a 420-4 House vote and approved by the US Senate last month. “We have already made it clear that these devices could be an unjustified threat to our national security, so shutting down what I called the ‘Huawei loophole” is the right thing to do, “said FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr.

We are already convinced that these devices could be an unforeseen threat to our country’s security, which is why closing what I have called the “Huawei loophole” is a must-have.

The FCC selected ZTE and Huawei as national security threats last year, finding that the companies had close ties with the China Communist Party. However, he was able to register as long as no federal funds were involved. To that end, Carr has been pushing for lawmakers to pass a weapon of mass destruction.

“Once we realize that Huawei or other devices may be at the highest risk of national security, it would not be reasonable to allow the same devices to be purchased and installed on our networks as long as the federal funds are not affected. in March.

Earlier this year, the FCC launched a $ 1.9 billion “rip and replace” program to support US telephones instead of Huawei and ZTE devices that they could use. House member Steve Scalise last week said “Huawei and ZTE” are probably the two most popular companies that still have a lot of tools out there where American data flows through networks.

Huawei did not comment further on the rules, but last summer called the reforms provided by the FCC “wrong and unfair.” Joe Biden is expected to speak with Chinese leader Xi Jinping at a “real conference” to be held next Monday.

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