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Biden has forged an agreement with Russia on the Nato negotiation system

Joe Biden has given a major concession to Moscow to block the Ukrainian invasion by signing an agreement to convene a meeting between Nato and Russia allies to discuss Vladimir Putin’s grievances and the transatlantic security agreement.

Speaking Wednesday, a day after holding a calling for two countries and the Russian president, the US president said he was looking forward to Friday’s high-level talks “to discuss the future of Russia’s Nato-related concerns”.

The discussion would determine “whether we can improve accommodation or not in terms of lowering east temperatures”, Biden added.

The US president said he expected participants not to include Washington and Moscow as well as “at least four of Nato’s major allies”, although he declined to name the actual countries.

Moscow wants Nato to commit itself to stopping any growth in the east and to stop sending troops and weapons that could be used to attack Russia from neighboring countries.

But Biden’s claim to a possible “shelter” for Moscow in Eastern Europe will surprise many NATO members and allies of the US, who fear that Putin is using the military threat to achieve US security in Europe.

Putin on Wednesday also said he feared Ukraine would join NATO, which he said “would inevitably be followed by the deployment of troops, troops, and weapons of mass destruction.”

“We are working on making sure our concerns are heard at this time,” he said.

Although Putin has repeatedly demanded similar talks for more than a decade, Moscow’s “red lines” appeared last month, with the US warning Russian allies to gather 175,000 troops at its border in preparation for possible attacks. Ukraine early next year.

Putin described the invasion as “extremist” but did not explicitly state that the Russian military has a right to its own security. . . in the medium and long term “.

A senior official from NATO’s eastern region told the Financial Times that “always a security issue in Europe should not be allowed to take place”.

Any talks against Moscow “should be cut short immediately,” he said, adding that this idea had about half of EU members.

Putin said Russia will send a security deal “in the next few days” to the US after agreeing to hold “serious” talks with Biden during this time. The two leaders agreed to “create a system that can be addressed in detail and in depth”, Putin added.

Although Biden’s chief of staff earlier this week criticized the red flags as unhelpful, Biden’s administration is determined to pursue an ambitious move to prevent Putin from invading Ukraine.

Biden denounced the use of force in Russia on Wednesday, instead focusing on what he said would be “dangerous” because of Putin’s escalating tensions in Ukraine.

These include strengthening military assistance in Ukraine, boosting US presence in Nato countries to reassure those on the east side, and accumulating economic sanctions.

The scams targeted banks and banks and tried to disrupt the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that connects Russia and Germany, which was built but did not start pumping gas, according to officials who briefed them on the plans.

“I explained very clearly [in the call with Putin] if in fact, they will invade Ukraine, there will be disastrous consequences. . . financial crisis like never before, “Biden told reporters Wednesday.

“I have every confidence that he has heard the message.”

Additional reports by Lauren Fedor in Washington

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