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Betelgeuse’s ‘Great Loss’ was caused by star gas

Back in late 2019, , the red chief executive who makes up the Orion team’s shoulder, suddenly began to darken. At first, some astronomers thought that the star was dying and that it would explode in a violent storm, but this did not happen. Instead, Betelgeuse returned to his normal light.

In a new paper published in , scientists say Betelgeuse’s “Great Depression” was caused by a small amount of carbon dioxide released by the star. Application (VLT) in Chile, Miguel Montargès from Observatoire de Paris, France and his team analyzed the images of the red supergiant.

“Our whole hypothesis is that there was a cold spot on the star which, due to its low tide, then caused the previously released gas to dissolve into dust,” Emily Cannon, co-author of the study, told . “As a result, cool temperatures at first make the star brighter for us. But then dusting can cause the star to fall faster.”

Unfortunately for those who hope to see supernova at some point in their lives, what they believe is not a sign that Betelgeuse is on the verge of extinction. Speaking in natural terms, then something that can be tens of thousands, even hundreds, thousands of years away

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