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Best Time in 2021 in Satellite Images

Satellite imagery shows thick smoke spreading across the earth.  A hot spot appears here.

Wildfires and smoke spread throughout Siberia.
Picture: Pierre Markuse / Flickr

Of many metrics, 2021 was a difficult year. But perhaps the biggest concern is the weather.

Mentionally, 2021 had it. Typhoons that are destroying billions, droughts that turn sea into dust, fires around the world, extreme cold, extreme heat, torrential rains, the list goes on. Some areas have been repeatedly affected by various diseases, while others have witnessed inclement weather, such as this month’s typhoon.

It has been impossible to distinguish between our climate and the rapidly changing climate. There is a lot of rain in the sky. The rear heat makes the extreme heat dangerous. The rise of the water makes the storm more destructive. In short, this is not an old season. Nor will it be the future if we fail to reduce emissions; those waves, storms, and hurricanes will be very violent.

To understand what is happening, look at what this year has been burning, wet, and the hot earth seemed to come from the sky.

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