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Best Podcast with Livestream Gear (2021): Mics, Stands, Pop Filters, and More


Although it is possible to download podcasts or download videos here phones, is a quick, easy, and versatile way to create and organize your computer content. The good news is that it doesn’t matter if you have a PC or Mac, and most modern laptops and desktops tend to be very fast on important listening tasks.

However, if you are planning to play movies or games on a PC, you will need a powerful computer that gives you the opportunity to play these games and run your own promotional program. If you want to record or edit a video, you also need a fast computer to deliver.

Here are the ones PCs that we like to play right now, all content on the project. Or you can go out our MacBook editors it violates what is right for you. Think again make your PC—It takes a lot of work, but you save money. But if you are just writing and rewriting the words, each of Our favorite laptops (or really any modern computer) I will.

Podcasting Audio Tools

Audio is the most important thing. This is what you need to make sure your podcast or stream is clear, from the microphone to a good headphone jack.

USB microphone

Blue Snowball mic

Photo: Blue

Most devices made of headphones, phones, and laptops work in Zoom music and sessions, but they are not very clear when it comes to podcasts or streams. The easiest way to change your voice is with a USB microphone. This connects directly to your computer and allows you to type the words more reliably as a result of setting up the system.

There are so many goodies and a sea of ​​amazing, free-selling for retailers like Amazon. Avoid this. My favorite ones are from Blue and JLab Audio. Input machines such as Blue Snowball ($ 70) and JLab Talk Go ($ 49) it’s a good way to start.

You can also connect to the actual sound of the studio if you can find end colors such as Blue Yeti X ($ 170), Jlab Talk Pro ($ 149), Back MV7 ($ 249), and Download Presonus ($ 180), which comes with good capsules and preparation.

Obedient Language

A look at the Scarlett 2I2

Photo: Focusrite


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