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Best Going Gives You A Great Way To Fight Food Waste

The past a few weeks ago, my friend and I had a habit of looking at the app on our dog walk. No, no Pokémon Pitanibut a program called Best To Go. Through this app, you can search for nearby restaurants, bakeries, or grocery stores that may have items that could ruin food at the end of the day (i.e., at dump sites).

These bags usually cost $ 3 to $ 5, and are called Surprise Bags because you are not sure what you will get. You can imagine – baking a cake will probably leave you with a few cookies – but that amazing thing is what makes it so fun and exciting. Sometimes you beat the gold with an amazing price — like $ 3 for 10 bagels, most of them still in the fridge and waiting for them to cook for breakfast.

We have found bags full of cookies at a low price for what we pay for most of the time; chocolate filled with other snacks whenever hunger strikes, a falafel dish, burritos, and several slices of pizza. Not every Surprise Bag succeeds — one day we were left with well-mixed rice and another day we were left with a small piece of fried chicken in the middle of a rough bus. From the same grocery store in Thai, we have received three jars of turmeric powder in a few bags of Wonder (my mom would be happy).

But it is hard to worry. I usually do not really like the business of my friends and relatives, yet I have always mentioned the Best To Go to anyone who can listen (I heard this through word of mouth from a friend). It just feels — excuse me — the decision — too good to be true.

Fighting Food Waste

If something sounds too good to be true, usually it is. But in this case, I didn’t have to plan evil. Mike von Massow, a professor at the University of Guelph’s Food Research Institute, says Too Good To Go is a “very good idea.”

Loss of food by a growth problem. A 2021 Report from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) estimates that “about 2.5 billion tons of food is not consumed worldwide” each year, or about 40 percent of the food they grow. Since food waste is often not separated from other waste, it is difficult to measure, but most end up in a wetland that produces methane that contributes to climate change. Worse still, about 70 percent of biodiversity losses are caused by agriculture. Making commercial foods is not helpful.

The amount of food that restaurants run is often small, but if you look at all the restaurants in the US, it adds. Massow says the Too Good To Go program also saves time and restaurant costs, as they do not have to list exactly what customers will receive. It’s amazing! There is no need to worry about distributing the food, since people pick it up on their own. And if a restaurant produces tons of Surprise Bags, it can make them doubt why they are making so much.

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