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‘Battlefield 2042’ will not feature the live chat on November 19

When comes out within a week , will not be sent with built-in voice chat. Producer Series DICE told It will not be available until a later date has been set. The studio did not provide a reason. In any case, the lack of voice chat can be greatly felt by Battlefield fans, especially on PC, Xbox Series X and S, and PlayStation 5 as the matches include 128 players.

For what matters, you can still use the Discord or social networking site for your contract to communicate with your friends, but this will not help you if you are trying to play with strangers. In that case, you should rely on the ping system, which is obviously on the heavy side. According to Polygon, you have to go through several menus before reaching the appropriate ping. All told, it looks like the Battlefield match, which is already in turmoil, will be unexpected in the first few weeks. 2042 are available.

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