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AWS had another problem, this time affecting programs like Slack and Hulu

If you notice that some apps, websites and games are having a hard time downloading this morning or seem more lazy than usual, there may be an explanation. , while many apps and websites run, have faced many challenges these days, which affected several services for the third time. .

AWS also said that service health dashboard that there was a power outage at a data center in the US-EAST-1 region. It was first announced at 7:35 AM ET. By 8:39 AM ET, the power had been restored to “always with internet equipment affected by the data center” and AWS services that used storage and those affected by the shutdown began to recover. About 25 minutes later, it said most AWS operations had recovered, but realized they were still trying to repair some volumes of Elastic Block Store (a type of AWS storage) due to “damage to IO functionality.”

Some of the works that were affected were Epic Games Store – termination of online services was a matter of access, library, purchasing and much more – and , which found it to be a problem uploading files, modifying messages and more. , , a family land sharing program , and and Falling Boys and some of the services that tell the story, while Hulu’s interests, Rocket League, Grindr and the McDonalds program also faced challenges, according to reports submitted by users on the Down Detector. At the time of writing, some of these things are still going on.

Closing of AWS on December 7th favorites of the Associated Press, Disney + and Second. AWS the problem of artificial insemination is what caused it. Temporary damage on December 15 Twitch, Slack and online gaming services.

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