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‘Avenue 5’ is Funny but Requires Variety


HBO series Method 5 and a humorous drama of a ship crashing on the way to Saturn. A comedian Tom Gerencer was impressed by the magical discourses of the show.

“There were very funny lines in Method 5 that I could not help but laugh out loud, ”Gerencer said in Section 463 of Geek design in Galaxy Podcast. “My hat is known to the photographers behind the scenes.”

Method 5 then the idea of Armando Iannucci, creator of Veep. Fictional Writer Erin Lindsey was impressed by Method 5‘s zany absurdism, but he loves jokes about Veep, which works in different categories. “For me, it doesn’t matter what I like the smell of, I want a few drinks, and I just feel like the joke is the same,” she says.

Geek design in Galaxy recipient David Barr Kirtley agrees that Method 5 can benefit in a variety of ways. “I feel like there has to be one person who is normal and honest, and who we know,” he says. “So there is a difference between nonsense and nonsense. While I find that everything in this story is meaningless — all the people mentioned are useless, all the events are nonsense, and everything about the ship is nonsense. ”

But a fake scientific editor John Joseph Adams he likes Method 5It’s very funny, and I’m looking forward to seeing where the show comes from here.

Office and Parks and Rec All of them were like two of my favorite movies, but the first few seasons were not good, ”he says. “I think the first season of Method 5 is way way better than both of those. Therefore if Method 5 they have any growth from first season to second season in the same way that the show has done – run by teams that are also talented, which is why it’s reasonable to expect them to be able to do this – I think it can be amazing. ”

Listen to the full interview with Tom Gerencer, Erin Lindsey, and John Joseph Adams in Section 463 of Geek design in Galaxy (above). And see some of the highlights from the discussion below.

Erin Lindsey on a clear statement:

“I have something that makes sense. I recognize them very well, I make up my own words, I just live with them. One of the things that always fascinates me Hugh Laurie that is, in its multi-billion dollar era House, you have never doubted that he was an American. His American accents are amazing. And in these first episodes, you get him to play the American captain, and my first question was, ‘Why?’ And my second question is, ‘Why are they doing evil? Have you been able to touch her? ‘So he sold out completely. He did a great job for the Brit doing the almost non-American American words. And that seems to be the case. What I like. I really liked that. ”

David Barr Kirtley on the plot:

“I feel like in the second season he has to have a story, and there’s really no story in season 1. When you go to look at the caption, and it’s like, ‘I’ve never seen such a short episode. Similar words.’ I just feel like there’s got to be some mystery in the ship,” something you wonder what will happen next.This design right now will remind me Gilligan Island, where each section hopes to return sooner than they think, then something goes wrong, and then it gets longer than they expected, and it just happens over and over again. ”

Tom Gerencer on Ships:

“I play video games, and I love him, and there’s a little boy next to me, and he’s playing a video game, and the two kids run around in the arena, chase each other, and one of them cripples a little kid in the suit with an elbow, and doesn’t even touch him. ‘ The baby’s father in the suit leaned over and grabbed one of the running children, and began to shout, ‘My baby is a baby boy! He plays the harp in concerts all over the world, and if you hurt his arm I’ll sue your parents until there is nothing!’ the face of an 8-year-old boy. That was an eye-opener for me. * I thought, ‘Who’s going on the boat?’ ”

Tom Gerencer on file Starship Titanic book:

“I started running it, and at some anonymous online library I found a book that said it belonged to Robert Sheckley, and as a fool I e-mailed the person who owned the bookstore and said, ‘Hey, if it’s true then the book is really rare. Can I buy it? ‘It was late that day, and the boy did not respond to my emails afterwards. I was like, ‘Hey, I’m looking at this again,’ and he never did. … It was amazing to me because Titanic it was something that they said did not sink, and sank, and then Douglas Adams he made about a play that was supposed to be good – because it was by Douglas Adams – then what was missing, and both books were also missing. “

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