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Australia promises to help US protect Taiwan from Chinese violence

The Australian Ministry of Defense says it is “impossible” for his country to support the US defense of Taiwan in China, as he worries about the escalating Beijing war.

In an interview with The Australian newspaper, Peter Dutton said Chinese leaders were “well aware of their intention to go to Taiwan” and that Canberra should improve their ability to ban Beijing and be ready to join the US military if taken action. .

“It would not be possible for us to help the US take action if the US decided to do so,” Dutton said.

His comments came two months after the US, Australia and UK launched triple security agreement which will enable Canberra to acquire nuclear weapons, a move that is seen as ready to deal with China.

Eric Sayers, a security expert at the American Enterprise Institute, said: “Australia’s rapid transformation in China has been phenomenal.” “We are now seeing a clearer understanding of the technical issues in Washington, Canberra and Tokyo on the security crisis in the Taiwan Strait.”

Dutton’s comments came a few weeks after President Joe Biden was sworn in defending Taiwan from the destruction of China. The White House retracted comments, which appeared to promote “ambiguity”, a long-standing US policy in which Washington did not make it clear whether it would intervene in the Taiwan war.

The plan seeks to prevent Taiwan from taking action that could lead to a Chinese invasion and prevent Beijing from engaging in military action against the country, which claims to be a force for good. Biden’s comments indicated again this year that he said Washington will protect Taipei.

The Taiwanese issue is expected to be at stake a real meeting Monday between Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping to address tensions between their countries.

On Wednesday, Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating said Taiwan was “not the most important thing in Australia” and that Canberra should not clash with Beijing on the island.

The US cried promoting alliances in Europe and Asia in an effort to show solidarity with Beijing. Biden has also strengthened “Quad”, a defense team that includes Australia, Japan and India.

In July, Taro Aso, Japan’s deputy prime minister, said the conflict in Taiwan could be at stake. wants Japan and the US “defending Taiwan together”.

Gerald Brown, an Asian security expert, echoed Dutton’s sentiments, saying that one of the main obstacles to the Chinese military’s fight against Taiwan is “internationalization”.

“Australia’s willingness to help in the event of a conspiracy against Taiwan raises the bar of value [People’s Republic of China] to participate in the war, “Brown said.

The US said Friday that Antony Blinken, secretary of state, emphasized the need to sing with Yoshimasa Hayashi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, that Washington was committed to “working with Japan and other allied institutions to advance our free and open Indo-Pacific vision”.

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