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Audi unveils its A6 e-tron concept ahead of Auto Shanghai 2021


Nature is healing. Buoyant hopes the future without COVID looks bright this week as car press forces come out on their own and quickly carry themselves into a two-year race. . At the show, Audi showed off how to get back to the start with a new A6 e-tron car.

Audi is not well known in the high-end sedan market – which is why it is one of the best-selling retailers back to the late Audi 100s. Audi’s first attempt was to launch the A6 only, as well as the hybrid A6 released in 2011 its 2019 PHEV brand. This idea, however, is the first car to play the A6 badge and become completely electric.


The A6 game concept may seem a bit rough on the RS e-tron GT model but the two cars are built on different platforms with the e-tron GT using the same J1 method as the Porsche Taycan and the A6 concept in building the new Audi PPE (” Premium Electric Platform “). On the other hand, this new concept is not exactly the same as the A6 that came ahead of it than its exterior design. First of all, it has an astonishing enough inheritance of only 0.22, which is better than the Taycan yet . For one, it plays a large 22-inch screen that simply makes dubes available on the e-tron GT.

Audi A6 e-tron concept


Audi has left nothing in the list of A6 e-tron manufacturers. According to the company, future A6 EVs can boast 350 kW of power on their two cars, drive up to 700 km (450 miles) through their 100 kWh packs and hit 100 km / h (62MPH) in less than four seconds. Like the e-Tron GT, the A6 model uses 800V power output that is supposed to provide up to 270 kW of charging at the moment – compared to the 125 kW minimum that Q4 can handle – which is enough to jump from 5 to 80% power in 25 minutes . Ten minutes on the water is enough to cover 300 miles. These are interesting statistics to confirm but there is no guarantee that what we see in this perspective is likely to be made.

Audi A6 e-tron concept


As with the upcoming Q4 EV, the A6 will come with Digital Matrix headlights and a customizable digital OLED technology. Since this doesn’t make it directly, Audi has decided to add a few more tests. For example, all parts of the car will have LED projectors, “changing the floor under them to be the part where the doors open,” according to the company’s press, or letting passersby know that you are about to open the door and get out of your car. Four other projects are built into the corners of the car to draw on the floor with movement signs. And if that wasn’t enough, the lighting fixtures – if supervised at the top – would draw pictures from the infotainment window. The driver and rider “will see their appearance on the XXL game – and all through the Digital Matrix LED lights,” at Audi.

There is no word here where the A6 game with the power can hit the streets or what could cost money if it happened.

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