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AT&T Takes WarnerMedia To Reflect on Telecoms

AT&T announced Monday it will Launch WarnerMediaCombining HBO with Warner Bros. – to become a new company, within three years AT&T bought it Time Warner of $ 108 billion.

AT&T. said it had partnered with a media company to acquire the products of WarnerMedia and Discovery as “the most independent company in the world.” AT&T is receiving $ 43 billion in total corporate sales through “merger, credit protection, and WarnerMedia savings on other loans.” AT&T shareholders have acquired assets in 71% of the new company, while Discovery shareholders will have an additional 29%.

AT&T hopes it will take a full year to complete the run and merge with Earnings. “The conference is expected to close in mid-2022, subject to approval by shareholders and closed captions, including receiving approval,” AT&T said.

AT&T says it will reconsider its position burodibandi.

“For shareholders at AT&T, this is an opportunity to make a profit and become one of the leading Broadband companies, with a strong focus on investing. 5G and fiber to meet the long-term demand for connectivity, “says AT&T CEO John Stankey.” AT&T shareholders will retain their share in our upcoming company with a good deal. In addition, they will be taking part in a new company, a global media leader who can make it one of the highest-ranking companies in the world. “

The unnamed company WarnerMedia / Discovery will feature more than 100 items, including “HBO, Warner Bros., Discovery, DC Comics, CNN, Cartoon Network, HGTV, Food Network, Turner Networks, TNT, TBS, Eurosport, Magnolia, TLC, Animal Planet, ID, and many more, “AT&T said.

Monday’s AT&T announcement comes just two weeks after the incident Verizon said it agreed to sell Yahoo is an AOL of $ 5 billion from the securities company Apollo Global Management. Betting on telecom giants in the media business did not turn out as expected, but AT&T’s media coverage was much larger than Verizon’s.

Yesterday’s announcement “I agree that investing a lot of resources with the wireless phone company was a permanent deal,” CNBC wrote. “In that case, WarnerMedia became the albatross on AT&T’s shareholding, which did not do well for Verizon and T-Mobile since the end of the deal on June 14, 2018.”

AT&T’s Time Warner Time and DirecTV were both produced under the direction of Stankey as CEO, Randall Stephenson.

AT&T laid off about 45,000 jobs over the course TV and telecom divisions buy Time Warner. AT&T was 273,210 employees having just bought Time Warner in mid-2018 is only 228,470 effective March 31, 2021.

Stephenson was he said for AT&T to create “7,000 jobs for people who put fiber inside [the] ground “in exchange for corporate tax. AT&T instead continued to lay off workers, which damaged its potential. expanding its fiber machinery and I will preserve his inheritance of brass. Report submitted by the California government he found that AT&T allows its copper networks to be depleted due to negligence, especially in low-income groups and low-competitive areas, despite raising its phone prices by 152.6% over 12 years.

While AT&T maintains its largest telecommunications business, the company said the partnership “brings two independent companies – a network of broadband and other media – to meet financial interests and attract the best startup companies in each company.” With $ 43 billion back at AT&T, telco said it would be “one of the best 5G and broadband fiber companies in the United States.”

WarnerMedia / Discovery “will be able to invest in innovation to support publishing, improve the way it can be used for TV and radio stations around the world, and provide new video and consumer preferences,” it said. Stankey said the partnership “will contribute to the impressive growth and implementation of HBO Max globally and achieve global excellence and efficiency. [that] we can also find ourselves to find more information that can give consumers what they want. “

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