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Asus Zenfone 8 review: Powerful, Small, and Tired


Surprising and memorable. That’s how I would describe Zenfone 8, the latest Asus Android mobile phone. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad phone. It has a very low-end processor that can quickly run any program I want, with a design that is easy to use with one hand. It no longer sells for a thousand dollars. Depending on the change, it costs between $ 599 and $ 799 (though Asus says prices are not final).

However, there is no style behind the item. There are a few essentials that differentiate Zenfone 8 from their counterparts. When I look up the dictionary, I expect to see a picture of this phone. I am so unpleasant, which is surprising considering it comes from the same company that appeared ROG Phone 5. But hey, sometimes generic wins.

Shipping Goods

Compare Zenfone 8 versions with premium phones from OnePlus and Samsung and it is easy to be entertained. It has a compatible Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor inside, with 8 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gig of storage (also a 256-GB version available). The support of Universal Flash Storage 3.1 also means that it can be compared to its peers in the read / write speed of fast software and games.

The power and speed are easy to find at $ 599. You don’t have to worry that you stutter like your favorite game, or stay tuned when you change apps. You can get a high 240-Hz frequency (a measure of how touchscreen registers your fingertip). Combined with a 120-Hz refreshing display (the amount of time the show refreshes to show you a new image), through apps like Twitter and playing roles like Difficult they feel smooth and obedient.

Also, if modern phones are too big for you, then Zenfone 8 will be satisfying. No no iPhone 12 Mini, but with a size equal to Google Pixel 5. I can reach both sides of the 5.9-inch window with my thumb. It is special because there are not many small Android phones today, not to mention the ones with functionality.

As for the screen, the AMOLED panel is sharp and beautiful, though I wish it could look a little out of the ordinary. Protected by the dangers of Corning Winner of Gorilla Glass, and behind it is Gorilla Glass 3. You need a case for you I will drop this phone; The matte texture on the back is very slippery! Fortunately, glass coatings have proven to be incredibly durable. I have left the phone three or four times now, and there will be no errors or visible signs of damage. I can’t guarantee my chances of going in vain.

There’s a 4,000-mAh battery phone in the Zenfone 8, and it usually passes me all day, but only a little bit. If you are on TikTok for hours, you may need to get in before bed. (The following features the Regular Display and the 120-Hz screen is turned on; turn this off and you can extend the battery life on the morning of the second day.)

It doesn’t burn as fast as other flagships, but you can get a little over 50 percent in 25 minutes with a 30-watt plug-in scanner. I love that Asus has included some of its favorite battery chargers ROG Phone 5 here, such as the ability to charge the phone slowly and charge back 80 or 90 percent — all of which, over time, will help extend battery life.

Asus uses its Game Genie app here. When playing a game, swipe right from the sidebar and the playlist can provide you with player-like features such as blocking notifications and calls, video recording, fine-tuning RAM, fine-tuning, and launching the camera.

High morals do not stop there. The Zenfone 8 carries two loud and clear speakers, a head cover (!), Wi-Fi 6 support, and IP68 water resistance. There is also 5G support, even if you just tolerate a smaller version of 5G called section-6; there is none millimeter funde high speed 5G. Honestly, millimeter waves are still few in the US, which is why you don’t miss out so much.


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