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AsterZeneca antibody treatment will not hit the big test lately

AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 drug failed to achieve its goals in a recent trial, suggesting that it may prevent HIV-positive people from contracting the disease if it is given early.

A phase 3 trial of AZD7442 treatment found it to be less effective than placebo. Of the 1,121 participants who were in contact with an infected person, 23 of those patients developed a known Covid-19, compared with 17 on placebo.

The drug is different from the company’s vaccine, which is used worldwide to protect against coronavirus.

AstraZeneca agrees to donate 700,000 drugs to the US government, totaling $ 726m.

However, the effects of AZD7442 were particularly encouraging when the drug was administered to patients who had not yet been diagnosed with the virus, reducing their risk of contracting the disease by 73 percent.

“Although these tests have not been successful in the end of infectious diseases, we are encouraged by the safety that PCR-free patients do not follow AZD7442,” said Mene Pangalos, deputy director of biopharmaceuticals research and development at AstraZeneca.

The drug is available in several trials delayed by 9,000 compounds. Myron Levin, a professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, and a senior investigator in the case, said a case called Provent would provide more information about the patient.

“While Covid-19 vaccine efforts have been successful, there is still a great need for preventive and supportive measures for some people, including those who may not receive the vaccine or who may not respond well to the vaccine,” the professor said.

Recent cases of coronavirus

Follow FT’s description of the global epidemic and the rapidly changing economic crisis Pano.

Supplements from companies including Regeneron and Eli Lilly have been used to strengthen the immune system in patients with Covid-19. Former US President Donald Trump was one of the recipients of Regeneron’s aid.

But they can also be given correctly for people who may be ill. By testing citizens and staff in long-term care facilities, Eli Lilly’s bamlanivimab reduced the risk of HIV infection by 80% of participants who were considered HIV negative.

The search for the drug Covid-19 has not been more effective than the rapid growth of most antibodies, and doubts about the effectiveness of the antiviral remdesivir.

Infectious diseases are commonplace but it is difficult to quickly diagnose disease to make a difference. With the prevalence of vaccines in the West, the demand for these drugs can be reduced – and they are often more expensive in developing countries.

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