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‘Arcane’ is a new genre of mature movies on the Netflix gaming console


Vi jumps on his leg nervously. That’s what he does in the first four rounds Arcane, a Netflix series based on League of Legends story, and it is a small but beautiful habit. Vi’s leg swings up and down in excruciating anger as she argues with her boyfriend from a broken chair in their living room; Later, his knee hit while he was sitting alone in a dark room, facing destruction. It’s the thing that makes Vi real, if she has a history that she carries with her, naturally as her pink hair.

Although Arcane it’s full of amazing adventures and fun movies, little things like this make the world come alive – only Jinx to reveal everything to smithereens.

Violence Games

Warning: Slightly damaging the first four stages of a Arcane ahead.

Arcane it begins with the gruesome story of sectarian warfare, which reflects violent conflicts between Piltover’s wealthy citizens and the oppressed, law-abiding citizens of Zaun, where Vi, Jinx and their staff live. In the first three episodes, Vi and Jinx are children: Vi is the leader of a small terrorist group, while Jinx – who goes with Powder at the moment – is his younger sister, a couple of years old in conspiracy and growing up. behind others. By the fourth stage, Vi and Jinx are old and similar, albeit in different roles.

The sisters start by being surrounded by their chosen relatives, including their father, Vander, who is Zaun’s illegal mayor. Former opposition leader Vander runs a bar called The Last Drop and tries to keep the peace with the Enforcers, Piltover’s military defense team. Meanwhile, scientists in Piltover are on the verge of using artificial magic, while the worst gangs in Zaun are forming dangerous agents by feeding people purple water. All of this, is a way to make war.

ArcaneVarious landscapes and landscapes, great and living, Piltover shines with gold in the midst of the clouds and Zaun is buried beneath the ground, filled with the ugly green light. The show does not sound like an anime or a Disney movie for almost R, with a smooth flow and a clear landscape, with the help of the studio going to the animated movie at Riot Games, Fortiche Production. It all looks like it was made by a professional motion picture artist, but it is a handwritten design in a mix of 2D and 3D.

Best of all Arcane it’s so beautiful. Vi is a boxer, jumping in and his fists are raised, while Jinx has a pile of house-to-house equipment equipped with crayons covered with crayons, which allows him to participate in the distance – even if he wants to have older children, in the center of the city. actions. Major battles tend to play slow, with electronic music that passes through the scene and shoots near dangerous punches, heavy beats and a second-hand escape. At larger angles, each aggressive structure has a computerized capability.


Violence Games

Arcane it takes time to establish the characters and reveal how they are all connected, and by the end of the third phase, the project is facing a major battle and a huge success. Mu League of Legends lore, Vi and Jinx are very contradictory, but inwardly Arcane, begin to become sisters with deep, genuine love for one another. They help each other, save each other’s lives, and divide together. They see themselves as incompatible. It takes a horrible thing to tear them to pieces, and Arcane he shows us every wicked second. It’s a pity.

Not all things are Vi and Jinx, and there are many more League of Legends characters with singing roles Arcane, including Viktor, Jayce, Ekko, Caitlyn and Heimerdinger. As a fan of the game, I get excited when I recognize a face or a name Arcane, but it will not disrupt the event if you do not already know who these people are. This is the starting point, after all.


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