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Apple’s WWDC announcements should worry everyone who owns an Intel Mac

If WWDC 2021 was any indication, Apple is now poised to eliminate the number of Intel Mac users. The company is downgrading its machines to seemingly oppressive machines, rather than being technically flawed. As it plans to change its entire line to Apple Silicon, it is already dropping the hardware even on newer devices.

After a third paper on Wednesday, the company announced desktops and laptops that could launch the new MacOS version. Several machines that were supported by Big Sur last year have now been unable to relocate to MacOS Monterey. These included the iMac models made before 2014, Mac Minis and MacBook Air and Pro for Pro-2014.

This is where having fun is fun. Apple withdrew support from MacBook Air since early 2014, which initially features 1.4GHz Intel Core i5-4260U (Haswell) CPU with 4GB of RAM and Intel HD Graphics 5000. When questioned, Apple said it should ignore old hardware when the machine is no longer working for users expected from macOS.

This is well known, thanks to MacOS Monterey they do help late 2014 Mac Mini, the first one that … carries the 1.4GHz Intel Core i5-4260U (Haswell) CPU with 4GB of RAM and Intel HD Graphics 5000. The owners of the mid-2014, 15-inch MacBook Pro are also the same, as in mid-2015 the version is still supported has almost exactly the same as the bottom of the spec spec.

One of the reasons Apple has to make decisions like this is because of the unique way it transforms its computers. The same i5-4260U Mac Mini was on sale at Apple until 2018 revived, and four years is a long time for any chip to be sold. That means with Monterey, Apple should abandon the brands that customers could have bought three years ago.

Likewise, the 21.5-inch first-size iMac, which was launched in early 2019, was powered by Intel’s I3-8100, CPU from the end of 2017. And then the version has just been updated and new, an over-the-top copy of the M1 which has gained a good reputation in recent months. By dragging its feet with a refreshing chip over the past few years (unassisted, yes, with Intel’s own problems), Apple makes it difficult to make definite decisions to eliminate support other than other.

Similarly, even the new Macs running MacOS Monterey have found that their experience is limited in some ways. 9to5Mac realized that Apple has mentioned a number of things in Monterey that may not be supported by any Intel Mac. This includes the ability to disrupt the background in FaceTime Videos, download notes from photos and use the new maps.

In that case, it seems the new format is being written for use M1 Engine M1. But that doesn’t mean that some of these things won’t work on Intel’s machines, Apple would be willing to put in the work. While even the cheapest Windows laptops with integrated graphics can ruin the look within Zoom call, isn’t it fair to reject the same FaceTime interface for someone who spends $ 2,800 on an Intel MacBook Pro today?

The only thing the company is at risk of is all this and wish the best for the users who continue with their older Macs. Apple’s priority is a clear one to look to in the future, but the idea that you might want to support other machines isn’t good.

Compare this to mobile phones, where Apple runs a ring around its competitors to be supported by OS and older devices. The iPhone 6S, starting in September 2015, will be able to upgrade to iOS 15 this fall, in a country where competitors have just started to offer three years with OS support a device similar to Android. When it comes to desktops and laptops, Apple should be pushing for more support.

Comparing this to Apple’s latest update, the first Intel Macs arrived in January 2006, and the first Intel OS-only version arrived in the summer of 2009. Apple will continue to offer security updates and use older models, but those written on the wall of every Intel Mac for sale here. If you are looking to buy one of these machines today, you should know that you can use all the exciting tools that have been announced in the future WWDCs. Hey, you can end up with new OSEs for future reference.

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