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Apple’s second-generation AirPods dropped to $ 89 ahead of Black Friday

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Even Apple announced its own Third-generation AirPods last month, second-hand headphones are still available and some may prefer if they prefer Apple’s old EarPods. You can carry an old generation Ma AirPods for only $ 89 right now at Walmart, which is $ 70 at their regular price and $ 10 cheaper than it was last Friday. You must sign in with your Walmart account before purchasing, and we hope this will happen soon. When Amazon is not the same as a contract, we hope the AirPods will be back soon.

Buy AirPods (2nd gen) at Walmart – $ 89

If you do not know (otherwise) Ma AirPods and Apple’s wireless headphones have been one of the most popular web pages since its release. One of the main reasons many people love them is the way they easily connect with Apple devices. Installation is very fast because your iOS device will detect audio in the ear as soon as you open it, and then the voice play changes depending on the device you are using. This means you can stop calling on your iPhone and listen to music from your MacBook without any hassle.

The second type AirPods have a similar design to Apple’s EarPods, and they have better sound, too. We liked their wireless design and good battery life – you can use it for up to five hours before you upgrade. Although they are no longer new AirPods, these pages are the best-selling ones at the $ 89 price tag. But if you want to spend a little more, Apple’s most recent AirPods give more to correct combining well-designed design, clear voice and long battery life.

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