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Apple’s Rhlengware Mess is the Future of Online Download


On the day Apple had to announce the execution of new at its Spring Loaded conference, the loss appeared from a quarter unexpectedly. The well-known redemptive group REvil said it did data and format stolen from Apple vendor Quanta Computer for undisclosed items, and that they will sell the product to those who will need it the most if they can not donate $ 50 million. As a confirmation, he released a notebook for the upcoming MacBook Pros. They have added iMac layouts to the pile.

Apple’s connections and big time led to rumors of an attack. But it also shows the integration of several confusing events in redemption. After years of refining their data-raising strategies to lock people in their tracks, gangs are increasingly stealing data and seizing as the basis for their threats – and making plans to do so.

“Our team is discussing the sale of a wide range of secret drawings and gigabytes of corporate information and a number of key features,” REvil wrote in a statement. “We encourage Apple to sell its findings by May 1.”

For years, redemptive work involves hiding the victim’s files and simple events: Pay the bills, get a trial key. But some attackers did the same — not just hide the files, but began stealing them and threatening to release them, adding more in order to pay. While the victims were able to recoup their experiences from the arrests, they put the risk of the attackers sharing their secrets with the rest of the internet. And over the past few years, advanced terrorists like Maze have developed this method. Nowadays the combination of seizures is on the rise. And more and more groups, like Revil and Quanta, are more focused on data theft and seizure and less likely to hide files at all. They are thieves, not workers.

“Data storage may not be part of the rescue program,” says Brett Callow, a malicious investigator at Emsisoft’s antivirus company. “Instead of ‘redemptive redemption’ is probably not a bad thing here. We have come to the point where those who threaten realize that the same thing can be used in many ways.”

In the case of Quanta, the attackers may feel intimidated, because Apple is known for being a covert of intelligence and the latest developments. By hitting a dealer in a temporary downward spiral, the invaders make a lot of choices for themselves in the companies that can take them over. For example, Quanta also supplies Dell, HP, and other major modern companies, so any violation of a Quanta customer can be significant for attackers. Fighters may also find fewer opportunities if they look for donors who do not have a lot of money to cover security.

“Quanta Computer’s data protection team has worked with external IT professionals to respond to cyber bullying on a few Quanta servers,” the company said in a statement. He also said that it was working with security and data protection “on the latest developments. Nothing could affect the company’s business.”

Apple declined to comment.

Jake Williams, founder of cyber protection company Rendition Infosec, said: “In the last few years, we have not seen a lot of money laundering and seizures, and now things are changing to the point of seizures.” “I would like to tell you that as a facilitator, people are more likely to respond to the ransom. The organizations I work with today can be more effective and avoid paying ransom through similar methods.”


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