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Apple’s HomePod now allows Siri to handle Deezer requests


HomePod owners can use third-party music for a few months now, but for now Pandora works directly with Apple’s smart speakers. However, this is changing today and bringing Deezer a combination of the original (and the starting he leftHomePod is a flexible, affordable option HomePod Mini.

By launching and connecting the music promoter program with Apple speaker, paid subscribers can tell Siri to play tracks, artists, albinos, favorites or lists. To keep things connected, you can set Deezer as your default music in iOS. That way you don’t have to ask Siri to sing a song or artist “on Deezer” at the end of each command. For example, if you change the settings, you can simply say “Hey Siri, play My Exit” to listen to the ongoing program.

Naturally, these changes also apply to Deezer’s HiFi section for void, which should blend well with the original HomePod Thank you for the high-quality voice that comes out of its seven titers and the woofer shooter on top. Although, the HomePod Mini there is no slouch in the audio department, either, especially when played in stereo.

In the past, you could send Deezer from your iPhone to Apple speakers via AirPlay 2, but the latest updates are good for those who like to use control voices. Deezer on the HomePod and HomePod Mini is available in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Mexico, Japan and Australia.

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