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Apple would open a subscription to Podcasts on June 15

Following a , Apple will begin receiving podcast receipts next week. In the email received by , says the company informs manufacturers and printers that they will be launching the group worldwide on June 15th.

Apple has announced for the first time that it will allow podcast makers to issue licenses to pay for their products on time. “Spring Forward”Event in April. What they do for manufacturers is that they can set their own prices in return for benefits such as non-commercial listening and special features. Typically, the company continues to cut 30% in the first year of enrollment followed by 15% by the Commission in subsequent years.

I am , Apple set up a base to be able to pay for the podcast, but then delayed the launch until June as soon as it was added . At the time, the company had notified the manufacturers and was returning the release to “ensure that we are providing the best possible information to the manufacturers and the audience.” We have been in contact with Apple to confirm the 15th June, and we will change the subject when we hear about the company.

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