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Apple will make it easy to change the look of the iPhone 13 without breaking the face ID

Shortly afterwards was released, iFixit teardown showed this if the display was replaced by a third-party store, unless it moved the microcontroller from the original window. Apple will soon solve this problem with the upcoming app, so Face ID will still work even without changing the chip to a new display.

“The answer lies in changing the upcoming program,” Apple told Engadget. he first announced the forthcoming repairs.

Moving a microcontroller from the device’s original display is not easy – iFixit realized . This could be because they have set up an independent marketplace outside of in difficult areas, because it takes more time and special equipment to change the screen and switch to a microcontroller.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The argument manifests itself within a major push to rules that need to be fixed.

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