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Apple now wants to confirm educational discounts in the US

Apple has blocked the US approach that has allowed consumers to take advantage of their tuition fees even if they are not students or teachers. Monga he realized and Redditor, the Apple Store in the US now he wants buyers to verify their status through UNiDAYS in order to make a purchase MacBooks, iPads and other devices portal training. Discounts on the education of the superpower usually deduct 10 percent from the initial cost of the device. It also applies to both registered and newly admitted students of college or university, as well as teachers and teachers / school staff at any level.

The change occurred sometime in the past few days, based on Wayback Machine images, which do not reflect the UNiDAYS certification requirements even in its most recent history of January 17. ‘other places like the UK that have been in need of UNiDAYS certification for a long time. I did not ask for the .edu email address. The company regularly checks on customers at random and then charges them credit card deductions if they do not claim a discount.

Now, when consumers go to the Apple Education page, they will no longer be able to see the product lists. They had to go to Apple’s UNiDAYS support page first, when they need to sign up or register to be confirmed. Once they enter, they can buy what they want, as long as it is within the restriction of advertising. Customers can get discounts for one desktop, one Mac mini, one laptop, two iPads and two devices per year.

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