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Apple may have broken the ban on fixed noise on the iPhone 13

Apple’s access to “Noise Cancellation” has been important for older iPhones, but it may have been removed from the iPhone 13, 9 to 5mc they say. The device is designed to “reduce noise on the cell phone by plugging in earplugs,” a feature that can make calls easier to hear.

“Phone Noise Cancellation is not available on iPhone 13 models, which is why you don’t see this [the Accessibility] “Preferences,” Apple told one of them 9 to 5mc‘s readers. When readers asked for comment, the support team confirmed that the form was “not supported.”

Questions about noise control came up Reddit and Apple Support Pages As soon as the phone went on sale, readers noticed that it was no longer available on the Accessibility page. This feature is still available for iOS 15 on older versions of the iPhone, but nowhere else on the iPhone 13.

“Noise Cancellation” often uses the iPhone’s microphone to recognizing and removing ambient noise around you, so that you can easily hear someone on the phone or in the face of FaceTime – something that can be important to deaf people. This feature only works if you use the phone only without, say, Apple AirPods noise-canceling headphones. (It doesn’t matter what others hear; as a result, Apple introduced it Separation of the Word and iOS 15.)

Apple has not yet officially confirmed that the feature will be removed from the iPhone 13 devices; so far, the only word about it comes from Apple Support. As such, Engadget has reached out to Apple for further clarification.

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