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Apple is said to have hired a public leader for Meta AR

Amid growing rumors about his big head, Apple claims to have hired Meta AR chief Andrea Schubert, according to Mark Gurman. Turn it on kakalata. “Meta, and Oculus, have been at the forefront of the headset market, so this kind of employment is understandable as Apple nears its launch,” Gurman wrote.

Schubert has been Director of Communications and Meta’s Reality labs and has led Oculus and Meta since March 2016, according to him. LinkedIn page. Prior to that, he was the director of the PR agency OutCast which listed Facebook and Oculus as clients.

There are many rumors about Apple’s AR head, some of which are contradictory. One soon It is thought that the ear canal may depend on another device such as an iPhone or Mac computer. Someone from The Information he added that it will be a standalone device with two 8K displays that can cost up to $ 3,000. And the third rumor, this one from Gurman, indicated that it would play a “top VR game.” Gurman also said that Apple could follow the VR theme with only AR glasses, but this will happen “for years.”

Most of the sources agree that headphones will be installed in 2022 or 2023, however. If so, Apple needs to launch an exciting campaign to educate people about what it is and how it will work. The fact that the company has hired PR from Meta, the current leader in real estate and more, can confirm that the business is on track.

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